Hindi Class of 2017 Graduating Ceremony at India House, Houston


HOUSTON: One of the challenging, though most desirable, aspects of moving to a foreign country is motivating our kids to learn India’s national language, and remain connected with India roots. While inspiring students to learn Hindi can be a difficult task, the rewards are more than worth it given India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Keeping long term vision in mind, India House started Hindi Language and Culture of India Classes in October 2015 at its premises. The class is taught by Arun Prakash, who started and taught Hindi at Bellaire High School, Rice University and University of Houston.


Graduation ceremony of class of 2017 took place on Sunday, April 30. All fourteen enrolled students were awarded certificates of achievement after clearing the final examination of Hindi Advanced level II.  

“Hindi is a language of freedom and integration. India never enforces Hindi on anyone, people learn it by choice. You guys are pioneers, as you have put in extra efforts to learn Hindi on Sunday mornings for last two years at India House. Now you know both English and Hindi well. You will be playing an instrumental role in building US India relations and shaping modern India, An India where no one is poor and everyone has similar opportunities” said Dr. Anupam Ray while presenting certificates at India House.


“Many Peruvian kids are also learning Hindi to enjoy Bollywood movies”, said Sandeep Chakravorty, India’s Ambassador to Peru.

“India is one of the fastest growing economies and knowing Hindi will be a big bonus in few years because of India’s growing economic power”, said Jiten Agarwal, Board Member of India House.

All students were moved by the inspiring speech by Dr. Anupam Ray and felt proud of their achievements of Hindi learning. Dr. Anupam Ray commended Jiten Agarwal and India House for leading such a wonderful initiative in Houston.

Present on the occasion were Dr. Anupam Ray, Consul General of India in Houston, Sandeep Chakravorty, India’s Ambassador to Peru and Bolivia, Dr. Amit Goldberg Ray, Jugal Malani, Jiten Agarwal, Shalu Agarwal, Arun Prakash and several parents of graduating students.