Hindi Poets Delight in a Robust Mother Tounge










By Sarita Mehta

Houston: More than 320 people were caught up for about 3 hours of roaring humor, non-stop laughter and heartwarming recitals at Hasye Kavi Sammelan’s “Hasya Ke Rang – Geet Gazal Ke Sang’, presented by the IAH Houston, ICC at India House on Sunday, April 28.

In this fun-filled evening, three great personalities; Hasye Kavi ‘Padam Shri Surender Dubey from Raipur, Hasye- Vayang Kavi ‘Dr. Praveen Shukala and Geet- Gazhal queen “Shushri Shabina Adib” had the audience clapping and hooting with cheers on everything from politics, Bollywood, universal brotherhood and married life.

Nisha Mirani, President of India Culture Center presided over the function. The evening began with the booming recital of “Bharata Mata Ki Jai,” by Dr. K.D. Upadhyaya, president of IAHH, who honored the guest poets one by one with shawls and mementos. Sangeeta Pasrija, the past president of IAHH, and a co-founder and motivator of the Hindi Hasya Kavi Samelan, invited Kiran Bhutala and Nalini Mathur for lightening Deepshikha the traditional ceremony, and gave a brief introductions of all the three kavi’s.

Saundharya Sohani, Secretary of the International Hindi Samiti was awarded the “IAH Seva Award” for his selfless service rendered for 8 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the IHA, presented by Col Raj Bhalla, a former Indian Army colonel and Board member of ICC and Mirani and Upadhaya. Sohani, a Maharashtrian, explained how to spread the Hindi language, starting with writing poems in Hindi.

The program begin with Surendra Dubey, Indian poet and writer of comic poems, an Ayurvedic physician by profession, hails from Indian state of Chhattisgarh, has authored five books and has appeared on several stage and television shows. He was honored by Government of India, 2010 with fourth highest Indian civilian award of Padam Shri and also a recipient of Hasya Ratan Award from Kaka Hathrasi. After introducing his companions Praveen Shukala, he introduced Sushari Shabina Aadib and invited her to start.

Shabina Aadib, the poetess and singer from Kanpur, (Geet and Gajal) started with her melodious and heart touching voice with ‘Saraswati Vandana Geet. Adib won everyone’s heart with her patriotic and humanitarian gazals, especially,” Andhero kii har Sazish yahaan naakaam hoo jaaye….. Duniyaan mein Mohabaat aam hoo jaye”; Her wish to spread Love in the world, touched the heart of everyone.

Praveen Shukala, Ph.D. Hasye and Vyang Kavi from Delhi, was equally amusing. Shukala, a multi talented and multidimensional performer, expert of Chit-chat, ghazals, geet, veer ras and hasya Kavita simultaneously. Besides his poetry book, ‘Kaya Karegi Hawa’, his articles, poems and satires are regularly publishing with various news papers and magazines.

He held the gathering mesmerized for more than an hour. not only laughter, but he conveyed beautiful message in the end which touched everyone’s heart by reciting his poem,” Ham Bhool Gaye hain Aapas kaa payaar… Mehman kaa Aadar Satkar, Joint family system, …. We need to remember the old traditions of brotherhood”.

The grande final came with Surender Dubey, who began by poking fun at his own and Praveen Shukla’s appearance and the proceeded to regal the audience with poem after poem, He spoke,” Kalam Salamat Rahegi to Kishton mei kayon Likhun. Ladkiyon kii Ched-Chhad par( eve teasing) , Nadi Naale par ( Rivers& Streams), Ya pahadon par( Mountains), Majhabi Dangon par( religious roits), yaa Ayodiyaa kei Panno par. Poori Dharti Ram kii hai tooo kis tukadei par Ram kaa Naam Likhun.

The audience was thrilled and the hall was resounding with claps. Laughter, he believes, is the best medicine and can work wonder in bringing normalcy back to the fragmented world.

This grand session of non-stop laughter ending with the thank notes from Dr. Uppadhya, the president of IAH, who thanked Ajit Patel, Charlie and missed the presence of Swapan Dharyawan, the national president IHA, and thanks the whole team and media teams. Dharshak Thacker from Krishna sounds, provided Live sound, Gautan Jani for Video recording worked with enthusiasm for such a long time.

The people enjoyed the delicious snacks, pakoras and tea in the beginning of the show, provided by Bombay Bassarie.