Hindu-American Community Shares the Grief of the Jewish Community 

  Hindus of Greater Houston stand united with the Jewish community of the Houston and with the Jewish community world-wide in mourning the lives of 11 victims of the cowardly hate crime which occurred at the Star of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. HGH President Parthasarathy Krishnaswamy stated “Our prayers are with the victims of this hate crime and we hope to see stern action against the perpetrator of this cowardly act.”

 As Hindus, we strongly denounce all such crimes, which are more and more frequently targeting one group or another. We mourn the loss of the lives of these innocent people as they peacefully celebrated their culture in their place of worship. We also grieve for the families and friends of those who lost their lives as well as the police officers who were injured in performing their duties.

 Hindus everywhere consider that the “whole world is one family” and thus suffer from the senseless deaths and injuries of all. The Hindu American community knows what it is like to be victim of hate crimes and terrorism. We relate to the Jewish community in their time of pain and anguish. We call upon everyone to accept and respect differences. The atmosphere of hate, including the anti-Semitism shown this weekend, that is contrary to the American and Hindu-American traditions, must be denounced.