Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Celebrates 14th Annual Hindu Unity Day

Participants at the HSS 14th Annual Unity Day event gathered for a group photograph.

HOUSTON: The Houston chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) held its 14th annual Hindu Sangathan Divas conference on Saturday, June 1st, at Shri Krishna Vrundavan Temple in Houston. Representatives of over 40 Hindu organizations from the Houston area attended the event.

Hindu Sangathan Divas offered representatives of Houston Hindu organizations the opportunity to network with each other with the goal of synergizing the work of different Hindu organizations. Because these organizations serve the Hindu and mainstream community with a common purpose, they could exchange ideas, share material and resources, and learn from each other’s experiences and mistakes, while at the same time maintaining their autonomy.

The event began with the meaningful Sangh Geet “ Anekta me Aikya Mantra ko ” followed by Ekatmata Mantra which set the perfect tone and aligned all minds with the agenda. After an introduction session, representatives attended one of three parallel breakout sessions, covering “How to create awareness about Hindu Dharma among mainstream community,” “Taking up the Sewa Activities in Houston Hindu Organizations from local to global level,” and “Use of social media among youth to create awareness about Hindu dharma”
Each breakout session had moderated group discussion.

The first group developed the ideas to create the awareness about the Hindu Dharama among the mainstream community in general and educators, public officials, law enforcement officials and schools in particular.

The second group concurred that one should put service above self and more community involvement with sewa related activities. Also, if different organizations collaborated and coordinated sewa related activities, it would have a greater impact. They also discussed sewa activities to address the needs and challenges of Hindu senior citizens. The participants also pledged to use the biodegradable disposable items at their organizational event to support the “Go Green” initiative of Sri Sathya Sai organization.

The third group for the youth track discussed the challenges and successes that difference organizations have in getting youth involvement within the organization and the community. The group discussed the use of social media to involve other youth, spread awareness of their Hindu Identity, and get connected to others who are involved in various Hindu organizations.
Following the breakout sessions, attendees listened to the keynote address delivered by Arun Kankani, National A Executive Director for Sewa International. Kankani emphasized that Hindu organizations coming together , staying together and working together is the good beginning and it provides an opportunity to go beyond once individual organization and see “virat swroop of Hindu samaj”.He encouraged each participant to take pledge to serve the community at family level , organization level and global level.

The keynote speech was followed by Sangh Prarthana. Subhash Gupta , President of the HSS Houston chapter expressed vote of thanks

The hall was filled to capacity with very excited, enthusiastic members from all participating organizations, youth volunteers, priests of the Shri Krishna Vrundavan Temple, and all left fulfilled with big smiles on their faces enjoying the day’s activities. Special efforts and warm hospitality by Shri Krushna Vrundavan Temple members made the event more enjoyable. The conference provided an excellent platform for the organizations to network, get to know and learn from each other.

HSS conducts a structured values education program through its 150 chapters nationwide to develop strong character and teamwork and leadership skills and to organize a dynamic and flourishing Hindu-American community.

For further information, visit www.hssus.org.