Hindu Worship Society Brings Vibrant Holi Celebrations to Houston

Holi arti

by Kapil Sharma

HOUSTON: Amidst the blooming spirit of spring, the Hindu Worship Society (HWS) hosted a jubilant celebration of Holi, the festival of colors, on 31st March at the oldest Hindu temple in the Houston area. Established in 1969, the HWS temple stood as a beacon of cultural richness, social connection, collective celebration, and spiritual devotion as over 300 devotees gathered this weekend to partake in the festivities. 

While last weekend marked the celebration of the traditional Holika dahan, this weekend’s Holi celebrations started with heartfelt prayers to Lord Krishna, the deity symbolizing eternal love and compassion. As chants of bhajans filled the air, devotees immersed themselves in the divine atmosphere, seeking blessings and embracing the community spirit of the occasion. 

Reveling in Holi colors

Young talents shone brightly as Neil Sharma, 13, captivated the audience with a soulful flute recital of Ramcharitmanas and Shiv Tandav Stotram, while Rohin Joshi, also 13, enthralled with a masterful tabla performance adding rhythm to the devotional songs and chants. Meanwhile, children and youth eagerly engaged in painting activities, adorning t-shirts and posters with the themes and colors of Holi. 

The fervor peaked with a lively celebration of Holi in the temple’s parking lot, where Holi and dance music filled the temple grounds, accompanied by energetic Bollywood and Indian folk dancing. The highlight was the joyous exchange of the colors of gulaal, which transformed the temple, and the revelers, into a kaleidoscope of hues, while the laughter and splashes of water enhanced the festivities, creating an unforgettable spectacle of community revelry and celebration. 

Witnessing the temple adorned with energy and creativity, attendees marveled at the dedication of the volunteers who tirelessly contributed to the event’s success, exemplifying HWS’ commitment to community unity. The diligent efforts of young volunteers, from event preparation to managing Holi celebrations, showcased HWS’ dedication to nurturing the next generation of devotees. 

With a renewed zeal for community outreach and spiritual enrichment, HWS eagerly anticipates continuing its tradition of cultural festivities that resonate with Houstonians. For updates on upcoming events, visit www.hwstemple.org and follow their new Facebook page @hwstemple.