Hindu Youth Awards 2016

Hindu Award 2

Guest speaker: Vinay Mahadevan

HOUSTON: The Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH), an organization that brings Houston Hindus together, is proud to announce the 6th Annual Hindu Youth Awards and Gala on April 9, at Sri Meenakshi Temple Society, Pearland, Texas. With HGH’s strong belief in promoting youth activities and involvement in our community, Hindu Youth awards set a milestone in celebration of youth and their achievements. Hindus of Greater Houston’s focus is not only to unite and bring Hindus together but our key interest is to encourage Youth who are the future Hindu leaders of the society. The highlights of the evening would include listening to the inspiring stories of the youth awardees and recognizing the donors and organizations for their commitment and support of the important cause and enjoy a cultural program.

Bharat Pallod an award recipient in the 2015 Hindu Youth Awards says “Our generation is given incentive to succeed in every field, from the sciences to the arts. One area this is lacking is giving back to their religion and heritage. I think the Hindu Youth Award is a huge step in that direction and something the recipients and community should be very proud of”.

We are honored to have as keynote speaker Joseph Emmett, Director of Vedanta Institute San Francisco, a non-profit foundation in association with Vedanta World, is the son of Harris County Judge Honorable Ed Emmett. Joseph has been a student of Swami Parthasarathy, a philosopher and exponent of Vedanta.  The study of Vedanta presents eternal principles of life and living, equips one with the strength of intellect to meet challenges. As the Director of Vedanta Institute San Francisco, Joseph conducts free weekly classes for the community on the philosophy of Vedanta, offers Vedanta based management programs to the business community.

Hindu Award 1

Keynote speaker: Joseph Emmett

We also have a guest speaker, Vinay Mahadevan who graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 2005 with a B.S. in Applied Math and International Relations. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Corps of Engineers. His unit deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2006 to 2007 conducting counter-IED patrols in the areas around Samarra, Tikrit and Bayji. Vinay relates to the values of Hindu scriptures especially the Bhagawad Gita that teaches how to meet the challenges of everyday life struggle in the most odd situations that applies to daily life’s questions, struggles, and triumphs.

To quote the President of Hindus of Greater Houston, Partha Krishnaswamy “It would be an honor, if you could attend the Hindu Youth Awards 2016,  to witness the young budding volunteers speak about their remarkable contribution towards Sanatana Dharma principles through their own organizations/temples. I am sure you will enjoy this event with your family and friends.”

For details and more information HYA 2016 please contact Tupil Narasiman 281-804-4339
Please save the date on Saturday, September 10, 2016 for Janmashtami, a signature event that Hindus of Greater Houston has been celebrating for the past twenty-six years. We support a variety of events on an ongoing basis, with the generous help of donors and patrons in the community. You can donate online at www.hindusofhouston.org.