Hindu Youth Awards Gala

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From left: Nupur Shah, Suriya Sharma , Dr Lata Ramchand, Elliot Gershenson, Ramesh Bhutada, Hejal Soni, Kavia Gupta, Shivang Shah and Advaith Ram.

HOUSTON: The Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH) is proud to announce the ‘Hindu Youth Awards Gala’ on Saturday, April 11 at Chinmaya Mission, 10353 Synott Road, Sugar Land, TX  77498.

The objective of the Youth Gala is to identify and recognize the future Hindu leaders, to encourage them to preserve and persevere its proud legacy, and to groom them with the needed understanding, tools and resources to achieve that goal. The highlights of the evening would include listening to the inspiring stories of the winning youth and recognizing the donors and organizations for their commitment and support of the important cause and enjoy a cultural program.

“To unite we must have a common goal. There is no higher goal than our quest for spiritual SELF. Let us unite as Hindu organizations in quest of this SELF through understanding of our scriptures”, said Acharya Gaurangbhai Nanavati Chinmaya Mission Houston, and member of HGH advisory board.

The keynote speaker for the evening is Asit Shah, an exemplary youth and member of the Board of Regents, University of Houston, who is appointed by Hon. Governor of Texas. Our own young Attorney, Mr. Amit Misra is going to be special guest, encouraging our youth with his mesmerizing speech. They will also meet in a youth only session from 5:15-5:45 pm.

Hindus of Greater Houston organizes this event every year. It was hosted last year by Arya Samaj, and in 2016 Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland is scheduled to have the privilege of hosting it.  Sanjay Jain, co-chair of the event last year, had this to say: ‘While reducing the cost and efforts by HGH, it also brought the best from Arya Samaj and we will have a great program this year as well as years to come. Working with Arya Samaj and Chinmaya Mission this year, I feel each of these organizations is hosting the event with pride.’ He added, ‘As Hindu leaders, it is our responsibility to encourage youth and recognize them for their service. This is an excellent event supporting that purpose.’

To quote Neeraj Salhotra, a recipient of the award ‘The HGH Youth awards program is an excellent way to recognize youth engaged in service. It was truly a humbling experience to be selected as a winner, and I know that this experience further inspired me to continue serving my community.’

Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Dev Mahajan commented: ‘In 2013, the Board of Advisors made the decision to host the Hindu Youth Awards at the venue of a different Hindu Temple or organization each year, to inspire solidarity.’
‘We celebrate them as torch-bearers of tradition in upholding our Dharma and being proud of their heritage. We dedicate the evening to their celebration. This year we will recognize six youth who have provided outstanding service to community in education and development of youth’, said Gala co-chair Richa Dixit.

Please save the date, September 12, 2015 for Janmashtami, a signature event that Hindus of Greater Houston has been celebrating for the past twenty-five years.   They also host and support a variety of events on an ongoing basis, with the generous help of patrons in the community. We are always looking forward to more sponsors and support.

For more information visit Hinudusofhouston.org or call Richa Dixit at 832.451.7206 or Sanjay Jain at 281.565.5246.