Hindus of Greater Houston at the Institute of Spirituality Annual Event

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From left: Venugopal Menon, Devi Menon, V. K. Dorai, Dev Mahajan, Alpa Shah, Sushma Mahajan, Kanchan Kabad, Kumari Susrala, Zishan Samiuddin, Vijay Pallod, Rajam Appan, S. G. Appan.

By Dr. Venugopal Menon

HOUSTON: Hindus of Greater Houston sponsored a table at the annual fund-raising luncheon of the Institute of Spirituality and Health event, thus supporting an essential element of the role of the mind playing in health and illness.
The Institute for Spirituality and Health (ISH), the 60–year-old organization at the Medical Center has been doing a splendid service, promoting the part of spirituality in Health and illness.  Their mission is ‘to further knowledge of the role spirituality plays in Health and healing, and to educate and equip healthcare professionals to incorporate spirituality in patient care, so their patients may receive the many health benefits’.

Their annual fund-raising luncheon, ‘A Gathering of Friends’ was an elegant function conducted at the River Oaks Country Club on Thursday, November 20.  The three hundred guests assembled over a delicious meal were delighted to learn about the functioning of the ISH and to listen to some remarkable speeches.

The presence of U. S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and her astronaut husband Mark E. Kelly as the chief guests marked the most appropriate highlight of the event.  If the profoundly poignant speech, delivered with hilarity by Captain Kelly was heartening, the limited yet courageous words from Congresswoman Gabby moved the audience to tears of delight.  It was a story of courage, patience and hard work, challenged with an attitude of ‘deny the acceptance of failure’, that turned a tragic and devastating situation into one of success and celebration.

When Gabby and Mark profusely acknowledged the enormous help they received from the staff of TIRR, the audience sat spellbound being grateful to the advanced expertise of medical science.  And if there was one outstanding reality that exceeded even the science and technology, it was the power of the mind and the exalted spiritual dimension that is part and parcel of healing.

As Gifford explained her rigorously disciplined routine of Yoga and Meditation in helping her tremendous progress, ‘the table of ten’ sponsored by the Hindus of Greater Houston, felt immensely proud and honored of their time-honored ancient Indic wisdom being credited to such knowledge.