Hindus of Greater Houston Elect New Board, Thara Narasimhan as President

Hindus of Greater Houston – Board of Directors Left to Right: Gopal Aggarwal, Hemant Jadhav (Jt. Secretary), Bharat Pallod –Hindu Youth Camp, Board of Advisor, Girish Naik (Treasurer), Sreemathy Ranganathan, Bhawna Luthra ( Secretary), Thara Narasimhan(President) , Partha Krishnaswamy (Immediate Past President), Sanjay Jain (Vice President), Somansh Agarwal, Swapan Dhairyawan, Vijay Pallod. Not in Picture: Tupil Narasiman, Vinod Mantri, Bhagwan Bhutada, Sanjay Jajoo, Mark Ram, Rajesh Bakshi, Raj Shah, Sharad Amin.

HOUSTON: After an incredible three year run as President of Hindus of Greater Houston (HGH), Partha Krishnaswamy handed over the reins to Thara Narasimhan in February 2019.

As one of its founders, Thara’s association with the organization runs deep and with this she becomes the first woman to head HGH. While she “understands the greater responsibility that comes with the position, she accepts to serve the community and do her best to take the new Role as President of HGH, along with a new admirable team of Board members who join her to build a harmonious successful year.”

The new HGH 2019 Executive Directors will comprise of Thara Narasimhan, President, Sanjay Jain, Vice-President, Partha Krishnaswamy, Immediate Past President, Bhawna Luthra Secretary, Hemant Jadhav Jt. Secretary, Girish Naik, Treasurer.

A Houstonian since 1981, Thara isn’t new to leadership roles having served as President of Bharathi Kalai Manram- the Tamil cultural organization in Houston and the “Samskriti Society of Indian Performing Arts”.

Thinking ahead, Thara intends to focus on the HGH website database and consolidate information about all the temples and their activities in and around Houston.
Another goal is to develop an “open, single communication center” for clarifying questions about Hinduism for mainstream America or issues within the community. Developing young Hindus of Houston is another priority.

A competitive tennis player until two years ago, one of the lessons Thara absorbed is that one can’t always win but what’s important is “giving every game your best shot.” She will utilize these life lessons from tennis to “Listen, Learn and Lead” in her new capacity.

A native of Chennai, high schooled in Besant Theosophical High School Adyar, Thara graduated with a Masters in Microbiology from Madras Medical College. Her grandparents were a major influence in imbibing in her the values of Sanatan Dharma, learning Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil slokas and bhajans was mandatory for all in her family.

She loves to learn the “arth” (meaning) of the lyrics in Classical music compositions and Sanskrit hymns. She is well versed in Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu languages. Her parents inspired her to develop love for arts and culture. As a hobby she contributes concert reviews in Houston on dance and music performances to local newspapers and websites.

Professionally, a microbiologist, medical and radio technologist at an Urgent Care Clinic for the past 35 years, Thara points out that the color of the blood she draws from every one of her patients is identical. In a philosophical vein she says, “We are all alike inside and different outside and I value each life as one and the same.”

She shares these nuggets of spiritual wisdom every weekend with her listeners when she dons the headset on the “Voice of Sanatan Hinduism” a radio show that explains the tenets of Hinduism.
She is proud to continue the legacy started by Shri Padmakant Khambhati as a Hinduism Radio program, which has communicated through public media not only the eminence of Hindu faith but also presented melodious bhajans, music and chants of Vedic Hinduism.”

Khambhati ji was the main influence for her to join HGH and also takes inspiration from Beth Kulkarni ji who is also a founder and past advisory member of HGH.

HGH Chairman of the Board of Advisor Dev Mahajan has this to say “Tharaji is not only a great team player but an excellent leader. The objectives and goals of HGH are ingrained in her blood since she has served diligently as a secretary for last 6 years. I believe she will lead HGH to new heights.”

Despite so much on her platter, Thara seems to juggle it all with ease. She credits this to a “very admirable and understanding husband (Dr. N.D Narsimhan) who is a pillar of patience and support.” The couple has one son Kirthi, an engineer and daughter in law Dr. Rashmi Narayan.