History of Yoga- Screening of Movie Followed by Lecture


By Noopur Sapatnekar

HOUSTON: SEWA international hosted screening of the documentary-History of Yoga at Keshav Smriti on April 16, and Woodlands Hindu Temple on April 17. The movie followed by a lecture was presented by Ramji Om (researcher and script writer for the documentary) and Deepika Kothari (Debut documentary producer).

Ramji OM is MSc in Mathematics. He has been an ardent practitioner of Yoga since his early childhood days.Has written the script and done cinematography of film History of Yoga. Also given  Lectures on “Yoga & Indian Civilization – its Continuity & change” at IITs etc.

Deepika Kothari is PhD in Physics. Her dozens of scientific papers were published in International & National Journals. Now her area of interest is research, writing and film making on Indian thought, cultural heritage, Yoga and various doctrines with modern scientific outlook. She has also screened the documentary “History of Yoga” with discussion at many Institutions across India, US, Canada, London & Paris. This film was also screened at various Indian Missions Abroad, on International Yoga Day 2015.

The documentary film ‘History of Yoga’ traces History & Philosophy of Yoga from 6000 years in the most authentic, lucid and entertaining way. The film is the first ever comprehensive visual document. The film story explores Yoga in Harappa Civilization, Veda, Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism, Hath-Yogic practices of medieval times & other peripheral doctrines. The film ends in 19th century where modern science acknowledges the potential of yoga in a new light.

“I think there is no such documentation in the world of this depth and vastness on the subject,” says its Director & producer Deepika Kothari, a Physicist and writer.

Ramji Om , Cinematographer and writer of the film says, “ To understand the exact context in which yoga was developed and practiced, this film has the answer”.

The film aims to help protect knowledge and technique of Yoga from distortion, deliberate exploitation and indiscriminate patenting and preserve it for generations to come. Also it aims to disseminate and popularize it in all the continents where Yoga has become a household practice. The film is a priced possession for Yoga lovers, researchers, educational Institutions and a gift item. Highly researched and well interpreted this documentary is a delight to watch, 6000 years in just 98 minutes!!

At last the presenters concluded by mentioning that wrong interpretations of yoga is a major hindrance in order to make people understand the real value and importance of it. In this era in many places yoga has become a tool of consumerism. We all should pledge to avoid yoga from getting exploited and from becoming a tool of consumerism.