Holi Celebrations by Arya Samaj Greater Houston (ASGH) & DAV Sanskriti School

By Acharya Bramdeo

HOUSTON: Vasanteeya Navasasyesti, known as Holi is celebrated since time immemorial in Sanatan Dharma. Farmers in India celebrate Holi as the Spring Thanksgiving, thanking Ishvar (God), Mother Nature and Mother Earth for the bounty. After the Sunday satsang and classes, ASGH Members and well-wishers, DAVSS students, parents, teachers, and volunteers as well as some DAVMES students and teachers joined for the special Holi ahutis, offerings of the Holaka- unhusked Dhaan (rice) and Jau (barley) grains to the fire by the side of the Yajnashala. Dance performances by DAVSS students and a Bhangra performance by the Bhangra class teachers enlivened the program. It was a great bonding moment during the partaking of prasad (lunch) and the playing with organic colors which celebrates the burst of colors in nature during spring.

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March 25: Holi Celebrations at DAV Montessori & Elementary School (DAVMES)

Students and teachers assembled for the monthly Yajna/havan, under the guidance of Acharya Bramdeo. This month’s havan coincided with Holi festival.  Kids were also briefed on the significance of Holi and the special prayers for the occasion.

After the Yajna students took turns to offer the Holaka (Dhaan & Jau grains) to the fire under the supervision of their class teachers. Thereafter teachers applied the colors on the forefront of students. The kids loved the spirit prevailing during the celebrations as they connect with the rich cultural heritage of Sanatan (Hindu) Dharma.

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