Holi Fest 2023: The Festival of Colors Ushers in Spring to Houston

HOUSTON: Holi or the festival of color originally celebrated in the Indian subcontinent has now spread extensively to other regions of Asia and the Western World. Holi marks the beginning of spring after a long winter and signifies the triumph of good over evil. Colors used profusely in the celebrations, symbolize the shades of love, friendship, and goodwill. This year, Houston celebrated the Holi festival at India House on Sunday, March 12, 2023 under the auspices of JKYog Houston. JKYog is a Nonprofit 501c (3) Organization. The organization’s core philosophy is to transform lives through mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. The global mission of JKYog is committed to the spiritual and material needs of society. This mega charity event was a fund-raiser for the education and healthcare of the underprivileged.

The event was hugely attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The volunteers had organized every detail for the celebrations. India House presented a wonderful village like atmosphere for the day. The decorations, the vendors of Indian clothing, jewelry, art pieces and the food vendors on the grounds all contributed to the nostalgic experience of an Indian village festival. The festival began with a showcase of performances by the Houston area children and adults. It was obvious from the enthusiasm and proficiency that these performers had awaited the event and had practiced extensively. The crowd cheered the dancers with great delight as they took the stage one after another. Vibha Goswami, a volunteer, performed an excellent task as the stage-host.

Dancing and color throwing took on a new fervor when the renowned Remix King, Harry Anand appeared on stage followed by Aditi Singh Sharma. The crowd was overcome with joy and celebrated by dancing and throwing colors. Everyone joined in. It was beautiful to see people of all ages and backgrounds dancing and having fun together. The beat and rhythm of the songs selected contributed to the enjoyment of all, children and the aged alike. The Houston weather also was conducive to the event. The blue skies, gentle breeze, and balmy atmosphere made the celebrations so much more beautiful. The train ride around the grounds along with popcorn and candy was a treat for the children. It was a wonderful sight to see the children waving gleefully at the revelers throwing colors into the air.

A description of the event is not complete without mentioning the variety of mouth-watering foods available at the vendor stands. Attendees dashed in and out of the food stands grabbing their choice food items and a glass of sugarcane juice and running back to the grounds, so they did not miss any part of the celebrations. The Houston Holi Fest was well-attended and enjoyed by all. Houstonians eagerly look forward to next year’s event by JKYog!

Swami Mukundananda (IIT & IIM alumnus) the founder of JKYog is a world-renowned spiritual leader. Swamiji is scheduled to visit Houston from Aug 5th to 18th. He will conduct two weeks of Life Transformation Programs (LTP) beginning at India House on August 5, 2023. Full details of the programs will be released in July. For details contact 281-630-5982.