Holiday at Turkey



Today, let us take you holidaying to Turkey.  Istanbul, with 14.1 million people is the largest city in Turkey and is the country’s control seat of economic power, culture and displays rich history. Turkey has some of the world’s most important, ancient monuments.  Istanbul is connected by the busiest of waterways, the Bosphorus Strait, 20 miles long and connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.  This strait separates the continents of Europe and Asia. Cruising the breath-taking Strait of Bosphorus takes you past the Modern Art museum, its many centuries old Ottoman palaces, few fortresses, and villages on both sides backed with forested hills.

Istanbul, the former capital, along with its famous historical sites is fast becoming a city where international designer shops, trendy restaurants, bars and beach clubs are open to entertain you.  A trip to Istanbul will astound you as you see the architecture and Iznik tiles of the Blue Mosque, the mosaics of the Hagia Sophia – the church where the central dome of the basilica is an architectural marvel, supported by four great arches, a series of smaller semi-domes and arcades. The tour includes the Topkapi palace, the Grand and Spice bazaars, a nostalgic tram ride through historical Beyoglu. The cable car ride to the peak of Holy Eyup on the Golden Horn offers some of the finest views of the city below.

Bodrum is a peninsula district and sea town situated on the Aegean Sea in Southwestern Turkey. The 15th century built Bodrum Castle overlooks the harbor and the marina. The castle includes a Museum of Underwater Archaeology and hosts cultural festivals throughout the year. Bodrum leaves its tourists enchanted.  Bodrum has miles of white sandy beaches, the villages painted in white sit pretty on the hill sides, surrounded by purple bougainvillea flowers, and its favorite pastime is water sports. Bodrum has a quaint, romantic feel to it and mesmerizes all visitors. Many travel from Britain and Europe to relax on the sandy beaches or in hillside beach resorts which provide stunning views of the Türkbükü Harbor.

Kusadasi is a resort town on the Aegean coast. It has some of the main cultural, religious, and natural attractions in Turkey. The Roman city of Ephesus is nearby. Outside Ephesus, in the province of Selcuk is the famous Basilica of St.John and the House of the Virgin Mary.  Sirince is a rural area, just a 40 minute drive from the port of Kusadasi, with lush vine yards and olive groves.

Izmir, was formerly known as the port city of Smyrna. On March 28, 1930 Izmir became so, its internationally recognized name granted by the Turkish Postal Service law. The third largest metropolitan in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara, this port city includes people who are Greeks, Armenians, Jews, French and the Italians. A seaside city with palm trees has a lot to offer with night life, its renovated water front, newly constructed hotels to house the tourists. The Grand traditional bazaar bears witness to a world of history.

Turkey is a country that has centuries old history, but it has also been quickly modernized thanks to the efforts of its Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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