Holistic Living to Get Best Out of Life and World Seminar


HOUSTON: A unique seminar was organized on Holistic Living to Get Best out of Life and World organized by the South Central Chapter of Holistic Science Charitable Research Foundation in Houston on Saturday, July 13   which was very well attended by a cross section of many different professions. Experienced self-realized Swamis Dr. Shaileshanandji and Swami Deepakanandji, Dr. Bahl, associate professor at the University of Texas, and Jeff Power, psychotherapist were the speakers.

Holistic Inner Science is the science of our own life and living; inner and outer circumstances along with natural laws, nature regulatory system and universe as a whole. It gives us the science and art of happy, harmonious, rich, meaningful inner living in our daily life with ultimate aim of liberation. The topics covered were Live to eat or eat to live? Our diet and its science- aspects related to health and spiritual progress, Human Life – a unique live experiment, Drivers of life – who and what drives us? Self-talk is the most powerful tool for creating our destiny, Holistic Inner Science – Experiment and Experiences Symposium on ‘My inner journey’ and Holistic inner science perspective on Yoga/Meditation, Divine code of conduct, religion and spirituality. Salient features and message of the seminar are discussed below.


One should be careful in selecting diet especially where there is obesity along with associated diseases. It is better to avoid or cut down on animal proteins, processed foods like cheese and fats. Outside food have adverse effect on inner psyche.

Human Life is a unique live experiment. Happiness given to others make us happy first. Each action of mind, speech, body, affects us first. One who masters the art of ‘Adjust Everywhere’ would be happy in every way. Human beings having different personalities are like plants and trees in a garden, each one with some positivity or skill. Life is a bundle of beliefs and effects thereof correct or positive vision would find happiness and positivity. One needs to understand inner self functioning to get best out of life.

Normally our inner self consisting of mind, reflective consciousness, intellect, and ego drives the outer self which is influenced by our opinions, beliefs or vision. Our inner weakness of anger, greed, and pride also plays a role. If our goals and aims are positive, outcome would be good. Upon having correct understanding and awareness, one would have awakened living. One who has known “Who Am I” would progress from awareness to exactness.

Self-talk is a powerful tool for creating our destiny. One should visualize what one wants to be and self-talk would help one become that.

The seminar had free interactions between speakers and attendees. Life issue questions were answered in detail and to the satisfaction of all. Practical experiments were conducted to get rid of problems bothering individuals. The seminar was lively and successful.