Home4Pet is a New True Friend for Pet Owners in India


NEW DELHI: Human-animal relationships can be traced back to the early days of civilization. Dogs, cats, horses and camels would travel around with human groups and became Man’s trusted companions and also their source of wellbeing. Fast forward to modern times and they still continue to be our best pals.

India has been recognized as the top five fastest growing dog population countries in the world. With dog ownership in India rising, Euromonitor International has projected India to be the fastest growing global pet market, and the rising pet ownership rates are driving demand for pet food, health products, and pet accessories.

Three entrepreneurs having casual conversation over tea with the founder of an eTailor company suddenly had an idea. Keeping in view their busy schedules and having faced challenges themselves in buying pet services online, they had a eureka moment. Over the next 3 days, their internet research on others offering such a service found nothing in India! That was the birth of “HOME4PET”.



The entrepreneurs are Rajeev Talwar, 46, a seasoned professional with expertise in finances who is an avid animal lover and who brought together other pet lovers; Avtar Singh Virk, 47, a risk and fraud management graduate from the US who will handle logistics, operations, market tie-ups and other areas for a seamless delivery experience; and Vinod Agarwal, 46, a science graduate who is also a trainer and handler and will bring veterinarians on board. The concept targets a niche market that is extremely discerning, and the entire team is sensitive, perceptive and compassionate towards animals and genuinely understood the woes of pet owners.

Home4pet aims to provide the pet owner with products and services that range from pet food, toys, designer clothing and bedding, and other accessories, Vets on call (both allopathic and homeopathic), pet lab, boarding and lodging, pet taxi, ambulance, burial services, trainers, spas, cafe, photographer, security tags, rehabilitation and fitness equipment, magazines, birthday organizers, online training courses and to top it all pet insurance for all medical contingencies.

The trio sketched out a blueprint, searching the internet on how to bring together the concept from paper to portal. The most difficult task was to find the right people who offer these services with the same passion and have operations in India. They travelled the length and breadth of the city to speak with these people and educate them about the concept. In three months they were able to convince the first set of hesitant providers to come onboard, and trust in the concept.

Home4Pet kicked off operations in May 2016 and the website went live in mid-August and the orders have started to trickle in. H4P aims to have an India-wide presence soon, and a brand which people will turn to for a one-stop solution to the pet owner’s needs. H4P next intends to expand into four other large Metro areas, launch a pet fitness app on Android, and make its presence felt globally through the right channels.

The website can be reached at http://www.home4pet.com.