House of Spices Launches New Product Line: Meharban

Meharban 1in

FLUSHING, NY: Welcome to a wholesome new product developed by the House of Spices that transports people back to a time when raw silk, and aromatic, exotic spices were traded along a route that spanned over 4,000 miles, connecting Europe and the Mediterranean to South Asia.

The new product line, named Meharban, with its theme: “A Taste from the Silk Road,” consists of flavorful dals or lentils, spices, oils, ghee, fried onions, rice, nuts, flours, dates and pastes. The products are available at South Asian grocery stores and at internationally influenced supermarkets across the US.

The brand itself, Meharban, also embraces a time when meals were lovingly prepared from scratch and were lively celebrations of food and family, filled with conversation and laughter; henceforth the reference to the “Silk Road” also.

The Silk Road was so-named because early Chinese traded silk along the route. As time progressed, medicine, perfumes, spices and livestock also traveled between continents. When Europeans learned about coveted exotic spices like cinnamon, pepper, ginger and vanilla, they used the Silk Road to Asia to bring their bounty home.

During the Middle Ages Arabs started taking control of the overland routes to Asia, giving them control of large parts of India.

House of Spices, a family-owned and managed business for 45 years, manufactures, distributes and provides quality South Asian products throughout the US.

From its humble beginnings in a store in Jackson Heights, NY, to an empire that spans various industrial sectors, House of Spices has remained committed to providing top-quality products since its inception in 1970, having grown to become a household name, not just nationally, but globally.