Houston Chevron Marathon Brings Out the Desi Crowd!


Andy Master on his FB page: “As they say in Texas, go big or go home. 26.2 miles full marathon and feeling great”


HOUSTON: It’s a growing trend, but a healthy one, as more desis show their passion for long distance running every year by taking part in the Houston Chevron Marathon, which was held this past Sunday, January 17 over a 26.1 mile (42 km) track that snaked through some of the trendiest neighborhoods and district of the Bayou City.


From left: Pankaj Desai, Sesh Bala, Tushar Dhruv, Riddhi Desai, Lakshmy Natarajan, Nat Natarajan, and Nach Nachiappan. Not in the picture but others who ran were Sahana Rao, Kumara Peddamattam, Suresh Shah, Anita Manoharan and Nagindra Prashad to mention just a few.


Rahul Reddy on his Facebook page: “Today I completed my 20th marathon. A tradition I started in 2003 has been spreading to family Friends we have five Marathoners (26.2 Miles/42 Kilometers) and we have lots of half marathoners (13.1 miles/21 Kilometers) starting from age 12 to age 65. Proud of all of them.”


Soni Vaswani on her FB page: “Chevron Marathon 2015!! It’s that time of the year again!!”



Kanchan Kabad on her FB page: “With the ITB popping up the hill behind me felt like climbing the Everest!”



Neeta Balsaver on her FB page: “Ran it! The Aramco Half Marathon. 13.1 miles on the streets of Houston on this glorious morning. Loved it!!!”

As many of the runners posted their pictures on the FaceBook pages, it’s only fair to share them with the rest of us to show how proud we are of their achievement. Here are a few samples. We probably missed quite a few, but if you send us the posts, we’ll add them to our Indo American News FB page.