Houston Goes “Balle Balle” with Daler Mehndi

Photo : Vanshika Vipin

Photo : Vanshika Vipin

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: A decade later, Houstonians once again danced to the tunes of the King of Bhangra, Daler Mehndi in a concert presented by Rehan Siddiqi at the Stereo Live on Friday, October 18. Inspite of a heavy downpour, the concert was a sold out and the show started at 9 pm sharp.

Mehndi is an Indian recording artist, musician, songwriter, author, record producer, performer and environmentalist. He is credited with making bhangra beats hot around the globe and setting up a parallel non-film music industry. The Indian Pop music icon known for his energetic dance songs, distinctive powerful voice, diamond studded turbans and long flowing robes has influenced many musicians and is considered the Father of the Indian Pop Music industry. He was a student of traditional Punjabi music and his first album broke sales records in India. Since 1995 he has recorded several albums in India and has been a playback singer for several Hindi movies.  He is also well known as a philanthropist, funding beautification projects in New Delhi and aiding earthquake victims.

Rehan Siddiqi of Hum Tum Shows has brought many successful shows to Houston in the past including the recent Adnan Sami and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan shows, held earlier this year. Both shows were sold out events. It was exactly the same scenario for this show as the venue was fully packed, and the audience danced non-stop during the four-hour performance.

Daler Mehndi entered the stage exactly at 9 pm, dressed in his trademark diamond studded turban and black and blue sherwani (long coat), and performed for four continuous hours, making the Houston audience who had waited for thirteen long years to return and perform.

He beautifully sang most of his famous songs, like Zor ka Jhatka; Tunak Tunak, Na Na Na Na Na Re; Bolo Ta Ra Ra;  Dardi Rab Rab; Ho Jayegi Balle Balle, along with other Bollywood hits from the ‘60’s to 2013. He was accompanied by a band of musicians and backup singers.

An important part of the show was the dance performance by Meera, a Pakistani film actress, television presenter, model and philanthropist who is also a Bollywood actress. Houston’s local dance group, Bollywood Shake, accompanied her for the dance performance.

After a quick intermission, Mehndi returned on stage with Siddiqi and Samia Adil, the host of the evening to thank the sponsors along with the technical team, which included Arif Memon. They also officially announced that Daler Mehndi’s 2014 Nation Tour would be with Siddiqi.

Soon after, Mehndi took back the stage and the songs continued and the audience danced nonstop till the wee hours of the morning. People kept asking for more, and he ended the night with the soothing Ek Onkaar Satnam, which filled everyone with a positive energy as they left.

“Many promoters tried to bring Daler Mehndi but were not successful’, said Siddiqi after the show. “Fortunately I got this opportunity to present him in front of the Houston audience. I am happy to see such a great response to the show. This motivates me to continue bringing more shows that make our audience happy.”

For further details about the show and for upcoming shows, contact Rehan Siddiqi at 713-545-4115.