Houston India Conference Launches “Make in India – The Inside Story” on March 24-25


HOUSTON: Houston India conference is hosting first of the series conference on March 24 – 25 in Houston. The topic of 2017 conference is “Make in India – The Inside Story”. The conference is organized by Consulate General of India in Houston, India House, Asia Society Texas Center, Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, US India Skills and Education Council, University of Houston, and World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft Worth.

Texas has a large concentration of constituencies interested in doing business with India. The GDP of Texas at US$ 1.7 trillion would make it the 10th largest economy in the world if it was an independent nation. Texas is home to 54 (or 11%) of Fortune 500 companies. Houston alone does an annual trade of around $3.2 billion with India. There is a strong presence of Indians in Industry, businesses, educational, medical and research institutes that Houston is renowned for
Houston India Conference is designed to bring together the various constituencies that have an interest in India, and discuss with them the latest developments and the best practices of doing business in India.

USA and India are true global partners — both in strengthening economies and strong democracies. That’s why President Obama visited India twice while in office, while PM Modi visited USA four times in last two years. Soft Bank of Japan committed to investing $10 billion into India over the next several years. Domino’s Pizza stated that they sell more pies in India than any other country other than the United States. Boeing has been building long-term partnerships with Indian companies that are helping create the indigenous aerospace and defense infrastructure envisioned through “Make in India.” Dennis Swanson, Vice President, Boeing Defense, Space & Security in India said in an interview with Economic Times, “India is one of the most important markets for Boeing internationally.”

While some companies will do very well in India, some do not. Dallas-based Mary Kay exited from India after six years in 2003 while Amway and L’Oreal thrived in the same market.

Keeping above in mind, the central focus of the Houston India conference is to provide a collaboration platform and share today’s India story with the audience in Texas who are interested in investing in India, by the people who are playing an important role in shaping up the modern. This conference will not only bring together individuals and organizations in Texas or India that have an interest in collaborating but will also catalyze the emergence of a major network in Texas interested in doing business in India.
The conference on March 24th, 2017 will be based around a number of panels with carefully chosen speakers. Finale of the conference will be at India House annual gala event on March 25th, 2017.

“We have speakers who have expanded brands in India, journalists, foreign policy experts, and movers and shakers who are writing story of today’s India. This event presents a chance to learn lessons from them on what it takes to do business in India and with India. We expect the audience to include top businessmen; active investors and money managers; a collection of business school and public policy school deans; and local government leadership”, said Dr. Anupam Ray, the Consulate General of India.

Delegate attendance at the Houston India Conference is by invitation only, limited to qualified titles (usually Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and President from global headquarters) and is at the discretion of the Houston India Conference organizers.

For further information, please visit http://www.houstonindiaconference.com