Houston Police Academy Cadets Visit India House

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HOUSTON: Holi is not just a spray of vibrant colors and Diwali is not lighting Diyas. Eid is beyond sharing a delicious meal and Sikhs have a passionate story of sacrifice. Christmas celebrations are marked by the midnight mass attended by many. This is the wonderful message about Indian diversity shared by India House General Manger Vipin Kumar with the visiting Houston Police Academy cadets last week on Thursday December 17.

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Under Houston Police Department’s Cultural Diversity Bus Tour, the Cadets arrived at India House in the afternoon for an introduction to the Indian culture. India House General Manager Vipin Kumar greeted the cadets with a welcoming Namaste and showcased a presentation filled with vibrant Indian colors explaining customs, traditions, religious beliefs, festivals and their meanings. He explained how values and traditions are of high esteem among Indians supporting this with examples like touching elder’s feet when seeking blessings, entering the Gurdwara with heads covered as a mark of respect and removing shoes outside before entering places of worship.

India, with its grand geographical location, each state is different with its language, fashion, cuisines and religion, but is united together through values and migration. Just like Houston, where many diverse cultures come together.

Vipin also shared many Do’s & Don’ts with the cadets. Respect for elders and women. No out-of-line talking with women. He showed images of places of worship and a variety of dresses Indians wear, like saree, salwar kameez, pagri, bindi, chura and their significance.

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Another scholar gave insight to the Islamic ways of everyday life to the audience.

The cadets visited other community centers as well and were presented with a brief overview of other cultures.

Managing and respecting diversity brings faith in our legal system. With the cadets leaving the room filled with an empowered mind!