Houston Rath Yatra 2015: A Unique Spiritual Experience

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HOUSTON: Adi Guru Shankaracharya established the four centers for the propagation of the ancient Vedic Philosophy for the four Vedas. The Gobardhana Matha of Puri, Orissa is for the propagation of the Rig Vedic Philosophy. The core Vedic philosophy is centered on the permanence of the Supreme Being we call God and hinges upon the universal truth that God is the source of everything in universe and everything belongs to God. Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity in the Puri temple is the Lord of the Universe and the philosophy surrounding the Lord is of universal brotherhood and religious tolerance. The several thousand year old chariot festival of Lord Jagannath celebrates this truth of universal brotherhood. Orissa Culture Center and Sri Sitaram Foundation cordially invite everyone to the eighth chariot festival of Lord Jagannath to be celebrated on Saturday, July 18 at VPSS Haveli, 11715 Bellfort Village Drive, Houston, TX, 77031. The day’s events are highlighted below.

Puja, Devotional chanting, singing : 9am – 2:30pm Padma Bibhusana Pt. Jasraj and Ensemble Concert : 4 – 6:30pm (Accompanied with Pt. Suman Ghosh, Pt. Shantilal Shah, Pt. Ratan Mohan Sharma, Pta. Tripti Mukherjee and Sri Jay Gandhi on Flute) Pahandi (Devotees Carry the Deities to Chariot) and Chariot Pulling : 7 – 8:30pm Maha Arati followed by Maha Prasadam Dinner : 8:30 – 10pm

The festival of this scale is possible with the support of the participating organizations. The participating organizations are Shree Minakshi Temple, Sri Siridi Sai Jalaram Temple, Sri Govinda Ji Gaudiya Matha, ISKON, Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Sri Guru Vayur Temple, Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple, Namadwara, Sri Sanatana Shiva Shakti Temple, Hindus of greater Houston, ICC, Houston, Hindu Worship Society, Sri Bankey Bihari Parivar, Durgabari Society, Voice of Sanatan Hinduism, Ashirvad Vedic School, Shri Krishna Pranami temple and Pashupati temple of Richmond and many more. The event is partially funded by a grant from Houston City Arts Alliance and many patrons and well-wishers.

The contact information for details is listed below.

Rath Jatra Portal: www.houstonrathyatra.org Email and Telephone Number: rathyatra.hou@gmail.com (832-225-2376) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoustonRathYatra

Concert Tickets:

Maharani Music (713-782-6553)
Vishala Grocers, Katy (281-492-2020)

We once again cordially invite everyone from Houston and surrounding cities to join us on this joyous occasion to experience the divinity, the oneness that binds us all as one human family.

Jai Jagannath and Jai Sitaram http://orissaculturecenter.org/ http://www.shrisitaram.org/