Houston’s Indian-American Debuts His First Sci-fi Film “Mandala: The UFO Incident” on May 19

HOUSTON:  Ajay Sarpeshkar’s directorial debut, Mandala: The UFO Incident, marks an exciting new chapter in his artistic journey. With a graduate degree in engineering and over a decade experience in technology, Ajay’s creative itch led him to explore photography and filmmaking as a hobby, which eventually paved the way for his first feature-length film.
Over the past couple of years, Ajay has been actively involved in raising funds, writing the screenplay, directing, and producing Mandala, pouring in tremendous effort and patience, especially navigating through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles, Ajay’s passion and determination have driven him to bring his artistic vision to life on the big screen.

“Mandala” is a groundbreaking experiment in the science fiction genre, representing a unique and unexplored approach in the Indian film industry. It aims to inspire young minds to the possibilities of space, science, and technology as humanity gears up to become a space-faring species. It stars great actors such as Anant Nag and Prakash Belawadi.

One of the key messages of the film is the importance of culture and heritage conservation. It highlights how our cultural roots and traditions can provide a solid foundation as we venture into the unknown realms of space, providing us with a sense of identity and belonging.

Another significant aspect of the film is its focus on gender-equal education. It highlights the importance of representation of both genders in important character roles, breaking the stereotype of traditional gender roles and promoting the idea that anyone, regardless of gender, can contribute to science, technology, and space exploration.
Despite budget constraints and limited resources, the film pushes boundaries in production and storytelling to make a lasting impact on the audience. The film brings together multiple teams from around the world, including VFX teams from India, Singapore, France, and the US, to create world-class visual effects that enhance the storytelling.

As the first installment in the Mandala franchise, this film serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. It showcases how a creative vision can be brought to life with determination and collaboration, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Indian cinema. “Mandala” promises to be a thought-provoking film that captivates audiences with its unique blend of science fiction, cultural heritage, and gender equality themes.
Based in Houston, Texas, USA, Ajay frequently travels to Bangalore, India, where he grew up, showcasing his deep connection and appreciation for both cultures. As he takes his first steps as a director, Ajay is eagerly anticipating the impact that the sci-fi genre and Mandala will have on the Indian film industry and most importantly on the curious young minds.

The film releases across the US on May 19th 2023. More info at www.AsxFilms.com