How to Apply for College Without Going Gray in the Process

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Best in Class Education Center offers tips for parents and students to make the college application process as stress-free as possible

Eager high school students (and their parents) are in the midst of spending many late nights and weekends writing essays, organizing forms, and waiting on pins and needles to find out if they’ve been accepted into their dream college.

Between the tuition fees, complex questions about future goals, and challenging essay topics, the process of applying to college can be quite daunting for all parties involved.

Best in Class Education Center has some key tips on how to make the process as stress-free as possible:
•Before you begin applying, sit down with your family to have an open discussion about finances. Is your family able to help you with expenses? See how much your family will be able to help you, assess what your scholarship opportunities might be as well as what type of financial aid you’ll be able to secure, and use this information to guide you toward how many schools to apply to and which colleges you would realistically be able to attend, should you be accepted.

•Research scholarships early. Many college application essays andscholarship essays will overlap and you’ll be able to use them for multiple purposes or applications. Also, if you have an idea of scholarship money that might be coming your way, this could open the door for additional school options for you to consider.

•Take your SATs/ACTs early enough so that you can retake them if necessary. Spend lots of time preparing for these tests and seek help if needed.

•The personal statement is a point of stress for many students. Remember, the goal of the statement is to show colleges who you are beyond your grades and test scores. It should sound like you. Share something unique about yourself and read the statement aloud to make sure it sounds like something you would say and also to help catch mistakes.

•For your personal statement, rather than writing for a review board – write for a specific person. For example, imagine you’re writing your essay for your high school English teacher and keep him/her in mind throughout your writing process. This will help make you feel comfortable with your writing, and also help you maintain a professional and academic tone.

Best in Class offers a variety of programs tailored toward college preparation and applications; one thing that can make the process less stressful is knowing that you’re not alone. Seek assistance if you’re feeling stuck.

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