How to Avoid Brain Drain During Holiday Break

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Unless you’ve been blessed with a young student that really loves to learn, most kids look forward to holiday breaks because they do not have to get up early and go to school, study for exams, or complete homework. But as a parent, you understand the value of education and want to keep your child engaged during the break, even if it means sneaking in ways to learn through baking or crafts. Figuring out a plan to keep your children busy and help prevent brain drain can give you peace of mind in knowing that your child’s brain is staying active.

While you can’t plan out every second of your child’s holiday break, below are five affordable ideas to keep your kids engaged and help stave off boredom.
Give Back to the Community

This is the time of year when giving back to your local community is top of mind for many, and it is good to instill the power of giving into your children from an early age. Some kid-friendly ideas include shoveling snow for older neighbors, caring for abandoned dogs and cats at an animal shelter, baking cookies for local police officers or firefighters or sending care packages for sick children or the Armed Forces overseas.

Turn off the Screen and Unplug  Nothing encourages brain drain faster than spending the entire day watching television and playing with a tablet. It might seem like an easy distraction and simple way to entertain your child, but it’s important to be selective about what your children are watching on TV or playing on the tablet, including how often they have access to it. Experts at the Harvard School of Public Health recommend leading by example. Children often disappear into their devices just like mom and dad, so it’s a good idea to unplug when around your family.

Encourage Reading Hour
One of the easiest ways to keep your child’s brain active is to encourage reading every day. Set aside half an hour to an hour of designated reading time each day, creating a consistent schedule that can be followed each week. While educational books are best to get ahead while school is on break, anything that gets your child reading can help stimulate the brain.

Have a Family Day of Baking
The holiday season seems to revolve around eating, followed by more eating. Baking is an easy family bonding activity and comes with a built-in edible reward. But the best part about baking is that it is a simple way to work in counting and math exercises for any grade level, including fractions and conversions.

Plan Out Arts & Crafts Time
Before the holiday break starts, research some crafts for your kids to do during the break. Pinterest is a great resource to help guide you in choosing some fun ones, and once you’ve selected your favorites, visit your local craft store and pick up the supplies you’ll need. Look for ideas that integrate the curriculum they are currently learning in school or utilize their fine motor skills. Even making paper snowflakes in a pinch can help keep your child occupied.

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