How to Get Your Children to LOVE Learning


February is the month of love, and it’s also the perfect time to inspire your children to love learning.

HOUSTON: Love is in the air, and what better time than now to inspire your children to love learning? One of the best ways to do this is to find what they already love doing and incorporate learning into those activities. If the student is already finding enjoyment in certain activities, learning will just be an added bonus.

Best in Class Education Center, which helps K-12 students succeed academically through customized educational programs, shared a few tips on how to incorporate learning into activities students already enjoy, inspiring them to love learning.

• Playing Make-believe

Many young children love to play make-believe and put on plays for their parents. This is a great opportunity to incorporate reading into their lives. Surrounding them with books will continue to strengthen their imagination. As students grow and learn through different make-believe situations, they develop their own goals, whether that means becoming a doctor, teacher, astronaut, or even a prince or princess. Incorporating reading and imagination into their day to day will trigger the right side of the brain and encourage them to love reading and learning as they grow up.

• Sports

While some children love to play make-believe, others enjoy staying active and playing sports. Finding time for physical activity is extremely helpful and healthy for children as they continue to grow and mature. One way to incorporate learning into sports is through math. If your student loves to play sports, they probably also love to learn about sports statistics and news. While they are watching or playing a game, try incorporating math questions to stimulate their brain. For example, if they are playing basketball and their team is down 10 points, ask them the different ways they can make up those 10 points. Answers could be five layups, ten free-throw shots, or three three-pointers and one free throw.

• Technology

It is no secret that technology is playing a larger role in everyone’s lives. Before children can even talk, they can usually figure out how to work their parents’ smartphones or tablets. Instead of distancing from this trend, use technology for its advantages. There are many educational games out there that can be beneficial for children to play instead of passively watching a movie. In addition, letting students inspect the technology and learn how it works is also a great way to build interest in engineering and IT.

• Recognize Achievements  

While incorporating learning into activities that children already love is important, is it also essential to recognize their achievements. Especially at an early age, letting them know that you are proud of them and that they have done a great job really helps their self-esteem in an educational setting. There are many cases of students at older ages who lose their interest in learning simply because they don’t feel confident with their performance or ability. Therefore, encouraging from the very beginning is a great way to set a positive background for their educational experience.

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