How to keep your eyes healthy

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Dr Keiki Mehta, eye surgeon gives us tips

Protect the eyes from the sun. Sunglasses once thought of fashion accessory have now been proven to be essential for good eyesight .Ultraviolet light rays emitted from the especially UV-B is the most damaging to the crystalline lens and causes cataracts, corneal changes, andmacular degeneration. Regrettably all sunglasses cannot protect you unless they specifically stipulate UV protection.

Especially at risk are people who spend long hours in the sun, who have had cataract surgery or who are taking certain medications such as tranquilizers, tetracycline and diuretics, are more sensitivity to sunlight. During driving sunglasses reduce glare and bright stray light preventing accidents.
Regular eye checkup: It is amazing how people will service the car or motorbike regularly but do not think of servicing the eyes. And eye checkup does not refer only to a spectacle number check done casually in an optical shop. It refers to examination on a slit microscope followed by an eye pressure check for glaucoma, with a detailed retinalexamination. If there are any symptoms of irritation, poking, visual changes, seeing spots, or even tiredness, it merits a detailed exam….

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