How to Make the Most Out of the Second Half of the School Year


A guide to turning grades around before summer for students that struggled the first half of the year

It’s that time of year again, the time when we look internally and consider what we can do to make sure we are set up for a great year ahead. While this is a great time for you, as parents, to consider areas where you can be better yourself, it is also a time to look at your children and find ways to make sure they have the support and guidance needed for a strong 2018.

For students who might have struggled during the first half of the year, it’s not too late to turn grades around before summer. By utilizing the right skills and tools, and putting in incredible effort, students will be able to start 2018 on the right foot. Best in Class Education Center, which helps K-12 students succeed academically through customized educational programs, shared a few tips on how to get your students back on track for the new year.

• Talk with their teachers
You might be thinking, “Where do I even start?” A good place to begin is to talk with your student’s teachers to know if there is a main issue to overcome. Some students have a difficult time focusing in class, and others have a hard time being motivated to do work. Whatever the issue may be, their teacher would be a great resource to start making 2018 their best year!

• Get organized
For many students at younger levels,  a lack of organization is usually a large reason for struggling in school. They haven’t mastered what tactics work for them, and in turn forget about assignments, lose important notes and homework, or do not know how to study effectively. In the new year, make it a resolution to help your child improve their organization. One idea is to buy them a bookkeeper binder and have different sections for each class or subject. You can color code each subject and then place a sticker on every assignment or piece of paper for the class so they know where everything goes. Another idea is getting them used to using an day planner. Not only should they write down the assignments for every night and when tests are happening, but they should also note what they talked about in class so they can go over it at home.

• Make learning fun
Many students who are struggling are actually having a hard time enjoying the learning process, so they refuse to put in the effort needed to succeed. It is very important to build strong education skills at a young age, while also making learning enjoyable so students continue to strive in their later years. One way to do this to create a homework chart and give your children small gifts or rewards when they finish their homework. Another idea is to give them rewards for doing well in school such as telling them you’ll take them to a movie if they get a good grade on their next test. Make sure you are setting realistic goals. If your child is consistently getting C’s push them to get B’s before A’s.  Pushing for unrealistic goals can backfire and discourage students from trying it all. Finally, try and make learning fun. While getting their homework done is important, so is studying. If they have a spelling test coming up, play a game where you say the word out loud and if they spell it correctly they can make a move or roll the dice.

• Be proactive as a parent
Students learn at different paces, so it is important to notice the pace your child needs to learn. If you know they have a harder time understanding science but are great at language arts, make sure you know when science tests are coming up, and start helping them study as soon as possible. Create practice tests for them to start taking while learning the material, rather than scrambling to memorize everything at the last minute.

To help your students exceed their academics goals, Best in Class Education Center offers a variety of customized, supplemental enrichment courses and tutoring options to ensure your students are equipped with the tools they need this school year.

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