How to Prepare for Testing in the Springtime

Best in class

Spring may signal the home stretch of the school year, but it also marks the beginning of state exams. Many states will be administering state-wide testing during this time to assess how students will perform in college and in future jobs, so it’s important for kids to start getting prepared. Best in Class has a few tips to get students ready for state exams:

Encourage Reading with a Purpose
Reading comprehension will be an integral part of state exams. It will test their critical thinking skills and their ability to analyze the text. To prepare for this, encourage your child to read during down time, whether for enjoyment or to learn about a particular subject. Encourage your child to break the reading into sections. Have your child take notes while reading, and at the end of each section, write a brief summary of the important points. This will encourage good reading habits and will aid in comprehension. After reading, ask your child to write down the main message. This is a great way to practice analyzing text.

Create a Study Schedule
Scheduling a time to study means more than picking a random time to cram each day. Create a schedule with your kids with time devoted to each subject they will be tested on. For example, you may practice English on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and reserve Mondays and Wednesdays for math.

Take a Practice Test
Many state exam sites will offer practice tests for students. While looking at these tests, practice how to approach each section. For example, try having your child read the questions beforehand. Then, while reading the passage, underline any words or sentences that may be helpful in answering the questions they have already looked at.

Get Plenty of Rest
No matter if they are in elementary school or high school, a student needs sleep in order to recharge. Plan for your children to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, as the rest will help them feel refreshed in the morning and will better allow them to retain the information they learned.

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