How To Starve Cancer To Death By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet


There are many factors that cause the cancer rates to rise, and their range is huge from emotions to the environment around us. But the main factor is the food we consume, because what we insert in our body is what radiates out and if we cut only this one thing from out daily diet, we can make our bodies happy and starve cancer to death.

Sugar – Cancer’s Fuel 

Since the 1920s few health experts along with Dr. Otto Wartburg have been talking about the connection between cancer and sugar, and how cancer loves sugar. Despite knowing all of this information doctors nowadays are not telling their patients to stop consuming processed foods in order to fight the disease effectively.

Since then, the German physiologist, Nobel laureate, medical doctor,leading biochemist, knew that you could starve cancer to death. He said that it is not going to be always easy, but he was sure that it could change the game.

He had a theory in which he believed that tumor growth and malignant cells were caused by cells that generated energy through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar) via adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The circulation of adhA back into the body and the recycling of the metabolite from this process called glycolysis caused anaerobic respiration. This is the opposite thing of what happens with the healthy cells. Thenon-cancerous, healthy cells generate energy for the body to use through the oxidative breakdown of pyruvate, the end product of glycolysis, which later transforms into oxidized mitochondria. He therefore concluded that cancer was really a mitochondrial dysfunction. By removing the sugar from your diet, the body cannot develop cancer, because the normal process of respiration of oxygen in the body is changed to the fermentation of sugar.

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