“How to Turn Grades Around in the Second half of the Year”

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Best in Class Education Center Offers Advice to Make Sure the Year is not Lost to a Poor Start

Winter break is a time to revel in holiday cheer that comes but once a year, and students take a brief, yet necessary break, from school. Festive decorations aside, holiday break is also a great time for parents to reevaluate their children’s progress in the classroom and set them up for success in the remainder of the year.

If your children’s grades have been suffering during the first half of the school year, there is still a great deal of time to help them gain the skills they need to score that “A”. Remind them this isn’t a permanent situation, and their grades can improve. Here are some tips to help get them back on track:

Get them back on a regular schedule – Having back-to-school routines is important for bolstering a kid’s sense of security, stability, and self-confidence. Ease them back into the school rhythm  with a regular sleep schedule (no electronics!), consistent meal times, and regular homework study hours.

Avoid procrastination – Kids who get a head start with their work tend to feel more confident, which helps with future assignments. Help them work on their homework or projects before the due date; finishing assignments ahead of schedule and preparing for tests well before can also help with procrastination in the long run.

Reward them for good work – For children who need extra help in particular areas, rewards are great tools to celebrate the small achievements together. Small treats serve as a great reward for a job well done, whether it be an improvement in grades or an “A” on a homework assignment.

Prioritize and organize – Helping your children make a to-do lists can help them get tasks done in a productive manner. Homework assignments, especially in more difficult subjects, can seem daunting; helping them see clearly what needs to be done, and how to accomplish it, instills a sense of spirit in their abilities.

Keep connected with teachers and tutors – Having open lines of communication between educators and parents is important when the academic success of a child is in question. Teachers are great resources for discovering areas of difficulty, and parents should always feel welcome to reach out and see what plan of action can be taken so a child has the tools needed to succeed.

With a little bit of planning, reinstating rituals and positive attitude, the remainder of your child’s school year can yield exceedingly above-average results.

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