HSS Celebrates 18th Hindu Unity Day with Dharmic Organizations of Houston

Participants gathered from various organizations to celebrate Hindu Unity Day



By Viren Vyas

HOUSTON: The Houston chapter of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA (HSS) held its 18th annual Hindu Unity Day on Saturday, August 27th, at the ISKCON of Houston. Representatives from more than 50 Hindu organizations attended this conference.

HSS has been collaborating Hindu Unity Day celebration since 2005 with other Dharmic organizations. Hindu Unity Day provides an opportunity to share, learn and act from each other’s experiences and learnings. Over the years, Hindu Unity Day has covered topics related to “Community Outreach”, “Synergizing Sewa Activities” and “Creating Second Generation Hindu Youth Leadership.”

This year’s event focused on raising Hindu Dharma awareness among mainstream American society and to continue leveraging the strength, opportunities and resources collectively to conduct outreach programs with elected officials, opinion makers, first responders, educational institutions, ethnic & interfaith groups, media and others to
conduct dharma awareness activities.

Amit Misra (Vice President, HSS Houston Chapter) welcomed the audience and spoke about the challenges faced by Hindu community in America, initiatives taken by Hindu leaders in raising the awareness and countering the false narrative, further setting the context for this year’s Unit Day.

Viren Vyas (Public Relations, HSS Houston Chapter) presented HSS’s outreach programs such as Seminars on Hindu Dharma, Darshana (A Glimpse Into Hindu Civilization) Exhibition, Teacher’s appreciation programs, First Responder Outreach via Sewa Diwali, Raksha Bandhan activities. He further emphasized that these undertakings by HSS have helped in creating awareness in the mainstream community by sharing the testimonials received from elected officials and School Teachers acknowledging how these programs helped them to gain awareness about Hindu Dharma.

After an introduction session, organization leaders continued in the group sessions discussing the activities undertaken by them to raise awareness, and shared their learnings. They showed interest in taking up outreach programs such as exhibiting Darshana posters, conducting Teacher’s appreciation program, networking and outreach via Raksha Bandhan and other Hindu festivals to mainstream community members. Attendees were presented with a summary of group discussions, community announcements.

President of HSS Southwest zone, Sridhar Talanki thanked all attendees for their enthusiastic participation in his keynote speech. He urged all organizations to add a collective approach as “United we stand, divided we fall” emphasizing again on challenges ahead that require collective support and action by all the Dharmic organizations.

Subhash Gupta (President, HSS Houston Chapter) gave a vote of thanks and praised efforts by all Houston Dharmic organizations on coming together as a vibrant and dynamic community and supporting the cause and kindness towards humanity and above all the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – viewing the world as one family.

The event venue was filled with very excited members from all participating organizations. The facilities and hospitality offered by the volunteers and members of the ISKCON of Houston were remarkable. The Hindu Unity Day conference was executed with full enthusiasm and sincere efforts by the volunteers