Huge Celebration of Shri Krishna Janmashtami by ISKCON, HGH

HOUSTON: This year, ISKCON of Houston, celebrated the auspicious occasion – Janmasthami (Lord Krishna’s Appearance Day) in a huge way, with midnight aarti (worship), inspiring kirtans, enlivening children’s costume contest (coordinated by Hindus of Greater Houston), dancing and classical performances by local talent and organized by the world-renowned Mrs. Yamuna Srinidhi. No festival is complete at ISKCON unless delicious prasadam feast is served and enjoyed by everyone.

Janmashtami is celebrated worldwide by the devotees of Lord Krishna as the most important festival in the Vaishnava calendar. Janmashtami is observed by fasts and feasts, sacred chants and personal prayers and above all, the glorification of His holy name in the form of musical mantra meditation, kirtan.

As Friday midnight drew closer, devotees were roused to their feet by the soul stirring and ecstatic kirtan and aarti to welcome Their Lordships in all Their beauty and splendor. In addition, there were aartis at 7 pm and 9 pm – followed by the grand and special Abhisek for Sri Radha and Krishna. His Grace Radha Krishna Dasa enlightened the crowd of over 500 with a special message.

Over 5000 people attended the events with the devotee community to celebrate the biggest gathering for the year. Everyone was ready to celebrate the festival since for the past two years, it was missing. All experienced a cultural revolution of the heart as they milled about the various tents including the most popular – Baby Krishna Abhisek and Jhulan. With fresh flowers decorating their Lordships, Sri Sri Radha Nilamadhava, devotees got to have a very special viewing, or darshan, of the deities.

We hope to see you at our future celebrations so that you too could experience the joy and wonder that was felt that night. Please visit us at to keep up to date on all the festivals that occur right here in the heart of Houston.

ISKCON of Houston and festival organizers send their gratitude to Hindus of Greater Houston, volunteers and all donors. Jai Shri Krishna! Hare Krishna!