Hundreds Attempt a Guinness Record at Sant Nirankari Spiritual Summit


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HUMBLE, TX: The Sant Nirankari Mission recently organized an international event – Nirankari Spiritual Summit and Youth Conference of North America – with the theme of “Lighthouse 2018” focused on children and youth from ages seven to thirty. Devotees from across the US, Canada, UK, India and many other countries attended the 2-day event held at the Humble Civic Center on June 30 and July 1. The Mission reached out to the world community and promoted the same through its global network that runs in the millions.

With the divine guidance and blessings of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji, a dedicated team of devotees led by Dr. Shalu Keswani organized the event, with support from the City and the Mayor’s Office. The event focused on empowering kids and youth, the future of society, by conducting activities like yoga, meditation, sports and seminars which promoted guidance and betterment to produce better humans.

The event started with a welcome of Holy Sister Mohini Ahuja who had arrived from India on Friday, June 29, by kids in Texan attire. This was followed in the evening by a Sufi Night program by dedicated artists with enlightened inner minds who travelled in from different places, as they expressed their love and passion for the Lord. Their Qawwalis expressed thankfulness for moments of spirituality, and were arranged in a manner to promote spiritual development.

Holy Sister Mohini Ahuja Ji presided over the Sant Nirankari Spiritual Summit held June 30 and July 1.

Holy Sister Mohini Ahuja Ji presided over the Sant Nirankari Spiritual Summit held June 30 and July 1.

On June 30 morning, SNM members assembled at the HCC parking lot to attempt a new Guinness Book of World Records entry by creating the largest human image of the Infinity symbol to demonstrate the infinite power of God, and spread the universal message of infinite Love and Oneness.

Following very specific guidelines from the Guinness organization, the Infinity symbol was created in purple and yellow colors. Participants wore registered and numbered wristbands, t-shirts and caps and officials with clickers maintained an accurate headcount as they entered the formation area. Assigned witnesses, unrelated to the SNM, monitored the entire process and acted as timekeepers. The volunteers were able to align themselves in the Infinity logo, which was checked for accuracy from an aerial crane to match the infinity image approved by the Guinness organization and the official witnesses documented their observation. The SNM is now waiting for the official recognition and approval from Guinness.

Holy Sister Rev. Mohini ji blessed the formation and commended the youth for its commitment to the Mission and its principles and explained Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji’s vision to strengthen the Mission’s youth activities and involvement. Sam Merchant, Director of South Asian Community Affairs with Congressman Al Green’s office addressed the participants and delivered a Congressional certificate.

In the afternoon, youths in two different age tracks (7-13 years and 14-30-year-olds), attended presentations on Competition vs Participation, Philosophy of Nirankari Mission with Scientific Perspective, Light to Lighthouse and Holistic Health. The important aspect was to develop skills imbibing humility and patience to become role models, as well as to develop critical awareness to effectively collaborate for the betterment of organizations and communities.

Saints seeking blessings from Holy sister Mohini Ahuja ji

Saints seeking blessings from Holy sister Mohini Ahuja ji

In the evening the youth participated in a Cultural Program showcasing diverse cultures. Children presented songs, speeches and dances which they had developed for several months. The common message was that teens love to do cultural items when they feel they are making a difference in someone’s life. This makes them feel important, and aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow and we must make create an environment which welcomes youth and encourages them to live a good life.

On Sunday July 1, the main Congregation was held in HCC with blessings for the youth from Holy Sister Mohini. She addressed the importance of the True Master (Satguru) in our lives who teaches us the way of life and how to live it. “Distractions are all around us and focusing is a problem. Unhappiness or frustration occurs because we have so many options/choices which can be overwhelming at times. Spirituality helps kids to change their mindset as they understand the purpose of lives. May we support and help our youngster by becoming a lighthouse of positive actions and become torchbearers. We need to be grateful and positive to Almighty for giving us life in the form of human birth.”

This summit provided a platform for youth development and employing energy in people for use in their own lives and their communities. It also connected people to empower society and create positivity and serve as a stepping stone for spiritual empowerment of youth and children. inspired by Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji, the SNM is actively involved in community services (blood donation, food drives, honorary chiropractic services and health camps) at the international level.

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