Hypnotherapy: A Powerful Tool for Human Well Being and Health Care


HOUSTON: Hypnotherapy…the moment we hear this word, our mind immediately connects it to HYPNOSIS; which brings images of stage shows, magic and then the fear of being controlled. Perhaps, there is no other word which induces awe, curiosity, excitement, and fear all at the same time.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a science involving the human mind. Of course, since it is a state of the human mind, it can be utilised very productively for achieving excellence, accomplishment, success, abundance and fantastic human health. In other words, it can be harnessed to live and experience our life in its most empowering and highest possible potential. It can also be misused through bad and malicious intent. In our country, there has traditionally been fear associated with this as we have heard several stories of people being hypnotised etc and then robbed of their valuables and so on. That is Eastern Hypnosis which deals with controlling the minds of other people.

This article, as well as using the state of hypnosis for excellence, growth and health care involves Western Hypnosis where the control of the humans mind being hypnotised is transferred under clinical conditions to his own deeper state, where all the power and resources of the human are found.

The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which means Nervous Sleep. This is a paradox because if we are sleeping we cannot be nervous or aware. If we are nervous, in reality we are very aware and we cannot sleep. So, hypnosis becomes a state of awareness where our body is sleeping but our mind is very aware and is completely present to what is happening. This state of hypnosis is experienced by all of us, at least twice a day; when we are about to go to sleep and when we are about to wake up. Hence, being a natural state of human awareness, IT IS COMPLETELY SAFE to experience and benefit from it.

The human mind is often projected as the invisible body. So whatever happens in our body, somewhere, starts within our minds. Our mind is made up of two parts:

1.    The conscious mind: This is that part of our mind which thinks, logics, analyses, feels, decides and acts on those decisions. This is what we understand of life and is 10-12% of the total mind capacity.
2.    The subconscious mind: This is that part of our mind which stores everything we experience, right from our first breath in this life to all the evolutionary memories that we are carrying. This is around 88-90% of the total mind capacity which makes it around 6000 times more powerful.

So, we mostly live our lives being ignorant about this part of ourselves which is 6000+ times more powerful than what we know and by default, becomes the creator of our own destiny, life and environment. All our issues, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual come from programs that are stored in this area.

Hypnotherapy becomes a process in which a hypnotic trance is induced by the therapist for a client. In this process, the body of the client goes to ‘sleep’ but the mind is aware. The therapist then guides the client into his own subconscious mind where the cause of the problem is stored. Once this cause is discovered and understood, suitable techniques are applied to restore the human system back to its inherent state of good health and vitality.

Hypnotherapy has many applications in the area of human welfare and well being. It is not an alternative therapy. Rather, it complements regular conventional healthcare modalities very beautifully. It works at several levels:

•    Mental- stress reduction, confidence, overcoming fears and phobias, insomnia, improving focus and concentration, overcoming habits and addictions, performance enhancement, academic excellence.
•    Emotional- better grip on handling feelings, emotions, moods. A much better understanding of our relationships, family, partners, and children that then leads to greater peace and harmony in life.
•    Physical- strange and unexplained disorders, congenital diseases and several other issues.

An individual can also learn self hypnosis to program his/her own subconscious mind through self suggestions for excellence, behavioural changes, attitudes and self improvement.

The writer, Yuvraj M Kapadia, is the CEO of EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, India’s first and largest institution which is ISO 9001:2008 certified. He has been practicing and training students in this science since 2004 and has facilitated these teachings for thousands of people from different walks of life. For further details contact Satish Varma at 832-909-8085 or www.ahamlife.com or email us at ahamlife@gmail.com. Registrations to workshop have started.