I am a better actor than a host: Drashti Dhami


It’s always a delight talking to the frank and intelligent beauty Drashti Dhami who is these days better known as Gayatri from her ongoing show EK Tha Raja EK Thi Rani (ETRETR) on Zee TV.

At the recent meet, Drashti gave a heartfelt interview where she spoke about ETRETR, Jhalak, co-star, TRPs and more.

How is Siddhant Karnick as a co-star?

Siddhant is a very fun loving and well-mannered guy. You will spot him talking to everyone sweetly and we both share a great rapport.

Why do you think ETRETR is not able to gain high TRPs?

I honestly have no clue. We are doing our best. All my shows have been like this. Usually, shows need a period of about three months to pick up on numbers.

Why do you get an angry man as your co-star in all your shows?

May be I just make them all a better person (laughs).

Do you think youths were more connected to your previous shows than ETRETR?

I think it’s too early to say that. I keep getting messages on Twitter from youngsters. They share their likes and dislikes about the soap. Every show takes time to establish.

How do you react when people say that you are the tantrum queen?

I really don’t care.

What matters to you- good money or good script?

Every factor matters as for an actor you don’t have years to work. There is always an age bar. It is well said ‘Make hay while the sun shines’. When I know I am in a position to make money I will make the best use of it.

After Jhalak, would you like to host again in future?

I would love too but as they say every actor is not an anchor and every anchor is not an actor. I gave it my best in Jhalak, but I think I am a better actor than a host. Of course any failure does put you down but it didn’t bother me as I personally did not enjoy my stint in Jhalak. My jokes are full of sarcasm, so my friends who know me well will understand it.

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