I want to do more films with my sons: Dharmendra


No matter how tired from film promotions, marketing events, performances…the one thing you’ll never find the Deols in is, a discourteous mood. And that is what delineates this lineage of actors as the true blue, magnanimous Punjabis.

When the Deols came to Chandigarh to talk about their film, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, they were visibly exhausted from the endless media conferences, a concert, greeting the fan and with the rising temperatures compounding problems. Yet, the effervescent Dharamji, as he is fondly called, had a warm word for everyone, his charming younger son Bobby had a smile on always and the mind leader of this gang, Sunny yielded to almost anything anyone requested for. Now, if this isn’t called the full bodied spirit of Punjab, what is!

I am looking for a strong script
Though Deols are working on a Punjabi project, it’s still in a nascent stage and is yet to take a final shape. Not revealing much Bobby, when asked, says, “Dad is involved in it. We will talk about it once it has finalized.” Since YPD2 has a Punjabi backdrop with Sunny sporting a turban, we asked whether they are keen to dub it in Punjabi too. “Can’t say,” Bobby says, “Though Hindi movies are often dubbed in different languages.” While Sunny is busy producing films, papa Dharam with his dancing, this junior most Deol is busy scouting for scripts for their next. “Interesting scripts are becoming extinct now. We are looking for something which is a complete entertainment package.” Playing a conman in YPD2, Bobby defends newcomers as heroines in their sequel as against star names. “Established actresses are too busy and giving dates for films was a problem for them. So, we took on Neha and Kristina who are talented, though new.”…

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