IACAN Cancer Survivors Learn to Look Good, Feel Better


HOUSTON: IACAN recently held a program to help women cancer patients and survivors improve their appearance and self-image, by teaching them hands on beauty techniques to manage side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments on their appearance.
On March 12, The Survivors Group of IACAN came together for a Make up class by Lynn Hill of Mary Kay Cosmetics.
There was lively discussion on different types of moisturizers, toners, cleansers, foundations and cosmetics. Participants learned how to match various cosmetics with skin type, color and tone. Each member had a make over where they played with primers, foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and the works!! One doting husband also accompanied his wife to the meeting. And as the only male present was very happy to give his critical appreciation with much humor.
The session was lead by a beauty professional, Lynn Hill from Mary Kay who volunteered her time graciously through a practical, hands-on experience. Each participant got a free makeup kit to use during the session.
There is so much to learn about makeup, skin care, nail care, and ways to deal with hair loss such as with wigs, turbans, and scarves that one session is never enough!
The American Cancer Society also has these programs on an ongoing basis.
For patients or survivors and families who are unable to go to a group workshop, a free, one-time individual salon consultation with a volunteer cosmetologist might be available in their area. Trained beauty experts help each patient manage her skin, nail, and hair needs and also help her find ways to feel better about how she looks during treatment.
Survivors are our strength. One of our goals at IACAN is to enhance their quality of life and build a strong network of cancer survivors from the Indian subcontinent so that they may connect with other survivors of the same cultural origin, discover new resources, draw strength from each other, cope better and support one another.
Studies show that attending support groups make a huge impact on reducing stress, strengthening coping and improving quality of life. We will strive to expand the IACAN Survivor Group and work together to reach out, strengthen and support as many Indian American/ South Asian people touched by cancer.
We encourage every cancer survivor from the Indian subcontinent to join the IACAN Survivor Group and take the lead on some initiatives to make this a uniquely supportive program for patients and families from South Asia.
Self-help resources:
Free self-help materials can be ordered through the Look Good Feel Better toll-free number, 1-800-395-LOOK (1-800-395-5665). Or visit the Look Good Feel Better website at www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org.
IACAN is a cancer resource network that educates and supports Indian American community.
Contact IACAN for further information @ iacannetwork@gmail.com or by calling 713-370-3489.
Visit their website at www.iacannetwork.org