IACAN: Meditation & its Benefits


HOUSTON: One of the goals of IACAN is to provide support for the survivors and their care givers. IACAN plans and carries out several outstanding therapeutic activities that enable the survivors to share their experiences with others who are going through the same journey. These therapeutic activities help to educate, entertain, ease and exchange pertinent information among the survivors and care givers. One such activity is MEDITATION.

IACAN had a very successful session on Meditation and it’s benefits on Saturday, November 5, at 6200 Savoy Drive. Roopa Naidu – Vice President at JP Morgan and a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer, conducted a very informative lecture on Meditation.

Roopa had an excellent rapport with the participants. She started the session with an icebreaker activity and made the group feel at ease right at the beginning. She explained about how the Heartfulness meditation trains the mind to become peaceful, more focused and so the worries of everyday life can be tackled. She led the participants through a relaxation process starting from the toes to the head. After the relaxation, she guided the group to focus on the heart. The participants tried to focus their mind on their heart and not let the mind wander on to other things. She explained that the nature of the mind is to wander The way to train the mind to stay on one object or thought is to gently remind the mind to come back and focus on the heart. She assured that with practice, one will be able to achieve this skill and the most important thing is to start the practice of meditation and continue to do this every day.

She said that Meditation helps to relieve stress, improves immune system, enables a good night rest and improves concentration.

Everyday life is filled with activities and we feel that we do not have the time to do meditation. It is her firm belief that if you spend a little bit of time on meditation, you will be able to accomplish a lot in your day. Meditation gives you a calm mind through which you can experience your inner self. Mediation helps to get rid of anger, agitation, depression and insecurity and makes life a peaceful one.

This informative session was followed by a healthy lunch. The participants were happy to experience the process of meditation. We are indeed thankful to Roopa for guiding us through the journey of meditation and attain a state of peacefulness at least for a little bit of time. IACAN hopes to bring lot more therapeutic activities in the future and serve our community

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