IACAN’s Painting Party to Celebrate Cancer Survivors

IACAN_IN01SUGAR LAND: National Cancer Survivors Day is commemorated annually on the first Sunday in June and this year, the Indian American Cancer Network (IACAN) celebrated cancer survivors on Saturday, June 3 with a painting party.  The event was held at Painting with a Twist in Sugar Land. One of the main goals of IACAN is to improve the physical and emotional needs of cancer survivors and their caregivers. IACAN has sponsored several therapeutic activities such as yoga, gardening, painting, and music therapies, so the survivors and their caregivers can build support networks, improve quality of life, and optimize their health. By conducting these therapeutic activities, IACAN aims to educate, entertain, and ease the pain and exchange relevant information among survivors and caregivers. This “Buddy System” gives an emotional boost and a sense of wellbeing to the participants.

IACAN_IN02Painting with a Twist is a fun activity.  Everything needed for the painting is provided to each painter. Some of the participants had never painted before and some were familiar with the art of painting. A well-trained coach guided each step of the painting process. The instructions were so thorough, the participants felt confident, proud and happy with the end product, a picture of the Impressionist Bridge.  It was evident that during the painting session the participants were relieved of their worries and were totally immersed in the painting.  They were able to share their expertise of painting, giving instructions to others and having a great time. Laughter and joy filled the room. Of course participants shared their experiences of their cancer journey and there were a lot of exchange of ideas and sharing of relevant information as well. This therapeutic activity was followed by a healthy lunch.

While Cancer Survivor Day is celebrated once a year but we should acknowledge and honor cancer survivors every day for their resilience. It will be a great pleasure to serve more survivors and their caregivers.

If you feel IACAN can help you, please contact IACAN at 713-370-3489 or visit www.iacannetwork.org.