IACCGH Women Mean Business

Organizers, guests and speakers.   Photos: Bijay Dixit

Organizers, guests and speakers. Photos: Bijay Dixit

HOUSTON: On July 25 IACCGH hosted the second “IACCGH Women Mean Business”  series  at member Abrahams Rug’s showroom on Woodway.

Pankaj Dhume, President, IACCGH welcomed everyone to the event.

Dr. Marie Goradia, in her keynote address titled “The journey is more EXCITING  than the destination” talked about her life in India, her career and philanthropy. Early in life she realized that money alone cannot buy you happiness, strong connections with people make you happy. She also truly believed that she could do anything in life if she worked hard enough and got a good education.  She was 1 of 200 people and 1 of 4 women selected from across India by The Bhabha Atomic Research Center to undergo training and soon she became a passionate scientist. After her PhD in Molecular Biology, she accepted a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship at Cold Spring Harbor Lab in New York. “For the next 2 years I was living in history. “Everyone who was anyone in Genetic Engineering came to Cold Spring harbor in the summer.”

Speakers of the event, Juuhi Ahuja(left) and Dr. Marie Goradia.

Speakers of the event, Juuhi Ahuja(left) and Dr. Marie Goradia.

Having worked with radioactive material and cancer viruses she gave up work when she became pregnant. She then read up all she could, did a course in Personal Financial Planning and started managing their family estate as her next career.  She feels America, the most generous country in the world, taught her the joy of giving and she supports many charities in education, healthcare and entrepreneurship throughout the world with Pratham being the one she is most passionate about.

“I don’t know what the future has in store for me. All I know is that life is a precious gift and I will live it to the fullest and I hope you will too”.

Juuhi Ahuja, President & CEO of Wise Man Consulting followed with her address as a member showcase. In her remarks Juuhi said “For a success of any business, networking is the key.  I believe if I am not networking, I am not working. Be part of a networking organization like the IACCGH.”

Take calculated risks.  Leaving your cushioned job will be the biggest risk you will take or if you are going to start your business, this is the first risk you will take.  Don’t stop taking calculated risks. The survival and growth of the business depends on the risks you take.”

The sold out event was a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs and professionals to network. To  quote one of the attendees Sangeet Pasrija “After attending the very first, very refreshing and invigorating IACCGH’s Women Mean Business session with Nandita Harish and Omana Abraham, I wasn’t going to miss the second one.  Once again I thoroughly enjoyed both speakers, Dr. Marie Goradia and Juuhi Ahuja; their journey into their current profession and passion.  Many ladies who were seeking networking found their mecca!  The program each time was conducted in a very crisp professional manner with no time-consuming useless speeches etc.  Ladies feel welcome and special when each is given 30 seconds of the precious time to introduce themselves.”

Nandita Harish graced the occasion with her presence.