IAF Kicks Off Navaratri Celebrations!


Photos: Dr. Nik Nikam

STAFFORD: Once again, Indo American Forum of Fort Bend (IAF) kicked off upcoming Navaratri 2018 celebration with flair and a fantastic show. What a colorful evening it was on Saturday, September 29 at Stafford Center, a classic Navaratri celebration that one cannot resist to participate in the fun of dancing. More than 1,000 enthused attendees were engrossed in the spellbound entertainment of Navaratri Celebration at the pleasant venue of Stafford Centre.

Renowned Gujarati singer group from Mumbai, Bhanubhai Vora & Trupti Chhaya dazzled the participants with the melodious musical tunes of the modern and traditional folk melodies. A fabulous state of the art audio system of Krishna Sounds was orchestrated by Darshak Thacker. The combination of superb singers, musicians, and audio system enthralled and mesmerized the participants to keep going beyond the mid-night. There were numerous prizes for the Best Dressed, Best Dancer, and many other categories for the varied age group to make the event truly a family fun affair.

The event was also sponsored by Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Dearborn & Creggs, Better Health Services and many esteemed Trustees of Indo American Forum of Fort Bend. The Travenue Group of Ketki Shah gifted very attractive travel Package to some of the winners. Also, Harish and Himadri Katharani of Imagimake provided special prizes and gifts. Umang and Daxina Mehta of Deep Foods provided Prasad and underwrote printing needs. Certainly, there were many booths of vendors of jewelry; insurance companies, mortgage bankers and many others supported the event. Naren Patel and Shefali Jhaveri of IAF thanked all the sponsors and supporters for providing financial support. This allows the Indo American Forum of Fort Bend to plow the net proceeds from such event in to many worthy charitable causes.

The Indo American Forum of Fort Bend (IAF) focuses its efforts on supporting the underprivileged, underserved and needy in Fort Bend County, by supporting charities in the area providing assistance through education, shelter, food, healthcare and familial and substance abuse.

Attendees hailed the IAF Navaratri Celebration as a premier event that truly reflects the spirit of Navaratri and a fun time of fellowship. Needless to mention, everyone had one expression…Wow, what an evening!

The Board of Trustees of Indo American Forum of Fort Bend extends Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the upcoming Hindu festivals of Navaratri, Dashera, Diwali and many other culture enriching affairs.