IAPAC Supports Neera Tanden Nomination

Houston: The Indian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) of Greater Houston is a nonpartisan organization and one of its missions is to promote and encourage political involvement and increase political awareness in the Indian American community residing in the Greater Houston area.

IAPAC congratulates Neera Tanden on her historic nomination to be the Director of the Office of Management & Budget (OMB). Her exemplary qualifications and experience, both formative and professional experiences, make her a great fit for this cabinet role. President Biden described her as having a “brilliant policy mind with critical practical experience across government.” An immigrant from India, her family at one time relied on government assistance and the social safety net and this is reflected in her professional work and her approach to policy.

The Budget director translates the administration’s priorities into a budget – dollars, and cents. As Tanden has said – “Budgets are not abstractions. They are a reflection of our values. They touch our lives in profound ways, and sometimes they make all the difference.”

IAPAC strongly encourages the US Senate to confirm her historic appointment.

For more information, contact Ramesh Anand, President IAPAC at C: 832-731-6133 or email: president@iapacgh.org.

Tanden saw her path to confirmation narrow significantly on Monday after two of the Senate’s more centrist Republicans said they would not lend their support to her confirmation.

Tanden would need at least one Republican in the Senate to support her nomination in the 50-50 divided chamber. Last week, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said he would oppose Tanden’s nomination, a first real sign of a weakening of Tanden’s chances.