ICC Board Appreciation Night with Consul General Aseem Mahajan

By Jawahar Malhotra
HOUSTON: The spirit of Thanksgiving the day before was very much in the air as the India Culture Center Board came together with other friends and potential new members and hopeful Directors to meet at the home of their President, Jasmeeta Singh on the westside.
It was a sumptuous dinner catered by Bombay Brasserie on the backyard patio, despite a chilly night that had guests diving indoors for warmups between trips to the buffet line.
The arrangements were typical of Jasmeeta Singh’s style as she closed out her two-tenure as ICC President, which was marked by several successful events, despite the COVID restrictions. Most recently, the Building Bridges Cultural event on November 21 highlighted the outreach that the ICC has made to other communities. “It was not about me”, said Jasmeeta, “but it was about the Board who supported me and made all this possible”.
The dinner also acknowledged the role that the Indian Consul General Aseem Mahajan has played in helping to arrange for cultural artifacts and other support in holding the events.
In brief remarks at the dinner, Mahajan said the Indian Government would provide even more support in the coming year which will mark 75 year’s since India’s Independence.
“Bobby and I were delighted to host this wonderful event and took this opportunity to thank the people who really invested their time and efforts to this organization”, Jasmeeta acknowledged as she thanked each and everyone present. “It was a pleasure to host and thank our Consul General Aseem Mahajan with his lovely wife for their support to ICC”.