iEducateUSA Hosts Career Day at HISD Schools

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Career day professionals along with the school Principal Claudia Chavez,
Vice Principal Dina Rayo-Kirkconnell, and iEducateUSA team

HOUSTON: iEducateUSA recently hosted its annual Career Day at Braeburn on March 27, and at Crockett Elementary School on April 2. In addition to in-class tutoring, one of the important aspects of the iEDU program is mentoring; without role models in their lives, children may have limited aspirations and exposure to careers choices in the future. This is increasingly a reality at HISD schools, where over 80% are economically disadvantaged students.

About 30 professionals volunteered their time to speak about their careers to over 300 children across the two schools. Guest speakers included a variety of career fields and professions including an entrepreneur, attorney, doctor, nurse, engineer, scientist, graphic designer, astronaut, dancer, artist, and chef. Students from third to fifth grade were able to ask questions and had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of career choices.  They were actively engaged in activities planned by the volunteers, and were given small takeaways to savor the experience.

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Graphics designers from Herring Design talking to 3rd grade at Crockett

“The career day event was exciting and it exposes our students to a variety of career fields and professions,” said Claudia Chavez, Crockett Elementary School principal. “It was a victorious day! I was mesmerized with all the presentations. Thanks to a wonderful vision on the part of iEducateUSA.” Carmen Johnson, the 5th grade math teacher, added that “the children truly enjoyed and learned so much.”

The presenters were just as excited as the kids. Some of the comments from the presenters included “we were amazed by the number of questions”, and “the kids were like sponges that instantly absorbed the information.”

The Crockett Elementary student orchestra greeted the guest speakers with a phenomenal 15-minute performance, much to the surprise of the career day professionals who were in awe of the talent displayed by the kids.

Known for being an arts-focused school, Crockett has shown extraordinary progress in science & math since adopting the iEDU program, rising from 28th to 76th percentile in the state of Texas, in two years. Crockett Elementary is currently applying for designation as a magnet school.

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Crockett Elementary school Children playing the orchestra
to greet the career day professionals.

While iEducateUSA has been at Crockett for two years, we recently added Braeburn Elementary as our pilot’s second school in September 2014. Braeburn educates more than 900 students in Southwest Houston, 99.6% of who are economically disadvantaged (compared to the 85% at Crockett). Since adopting the iEDU program, Braeburn has seen an increase in science passing rates up to 80%.Both schools have seen phenomenal success with the iEducateUSA program, where iEDU Fellows (tutors) work alongside teachers across grades 3-5.

We are very excitedabout our next signature events this summer, beginning in June with the 3-day Explore! Science Workshop and 3-week Bridge Summer Camp (to bridge the curriculum gap between grade levels).

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