IIFA 2015: Deepika Padukone says I love you Arjun Kapoor NOT Ranveer Singh


Kuala Lampur, Malaysia became the host for a plethora of Bollywood celebs, as they all walked down the green carpet to attend IIFA 2015. Now that the maddening extravaganza of IIFA has finally come to an end, we all desperately await for the award show to be aired on TV.

Well, the new promo of IIFA 2015 promises to be too much fun as we see glimpses of Hrithik’s mind boggling dance performance, Ranveer-Arjun’s spoof of Dola Re Dola Re, awesome dance face off between Tiger Shroff-Hrithik and the shocking confession of Deepika’s love for Arjun! Wait, what? Shouldn’t that be Ranveer instead of Arjun? Yes, you heard it right! Deepika Padukone, who graced the stage in red and black sari while receiving the IIFA Woman of the Year award, said that she loves Arjun Kapoor.

Before you jump into any conclusions, here is the full story. Arjun, who was hosting the show along with Ranveer, decided to tease the love birds Ranveer and Deepika by saying,” We love you Deepika”. Hearing this Deepika pulled Ranveer’s leg as she omitted Ranveer’s name and replied,” I love you too, Arjun.”  It was all in good humour as Ranveer’s lover and his best friend yanked his chain a bit. Well, that was one instance where naughty prankster Ranveer found himself tongue tied.

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