IMAGH/Club 65 Members Enjoy Picnic on Shores of Lake Conroe

By Jawahar Malhotra & Rashida Abdullabhoy

CONROE: There is no doubt that the Club 65 group of seniors have all the fun! Most months, they hold a meeting – usually at Bayland Park- where not only do they reconnect with one another, but they learn new ideas and share in lighthearted moments  and some musical interludes while heralding the events of the season – like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the like.

And each year they look forward to their picnic in the Spring and Fall, often to distant locale, where, depending on the venue, the same activities go on. They have gone to the Coushatta Casino Resort; the Beach Front Pavilion in Rockport; the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic site;  Laporte/Keemah; and Lake Conroe to name a few picnic destinations.

This past Sunday, December 3, a group of almost 90 Club 65ers made the trek in a caravan of cars once again to the Outrigger in Harbour Town on Lake Conroe, a private clubhouse on the shores of the lake, within sight  of the red and white striped lighthouse. They couldn’t have asked for a prettier day: the air was crisp, bright sunshine with a slight breeze and clear lake water was cool.

Out came the picnic baskets and the delicious food catered by BBQ Village, who frequently handles Club 65 events. While some strolled the grounds, others played games while others broke out into song. The essence of camaraderie and reconnecting with one another made the hours fly by until it was time to leave at 4pm.

Arrangements for another fine events were thanks to IMAGH Committee Members Latafath Hussain, Tasnim Vadva, Yasmin Udawala, Rahat Sultana, Parvin Sheikh and Neem Vehvaria who never flinch in organizing these bonding events. And no doubt they have the next picnic locale already in their minds.