Imroz Niwas: A Journey of Cultural Revival and Sustainable Elegance

In the bustling streets of New Delhi, amidst the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, Tannya Singh’s journey began. Born into a family that straddled two worlds, she found herself drawn to the rich tapestry of her Indian heritage, even as she embraced the opportunities of her American upbringing. From a young age, Tannya was captivated by the exquisite craftsmanship of India’s bygone golden era, where every handmade creation told a story of tradition, elegance, and artistry.
Her passion for preserving this legacy was ignited during her frequent visits to India, where she immersed herself in the bustling artisanal markets, engaging with craftsmen and learning about their time-honored techniques. Yet, amid the beauty and splendor, she discovered a sobering truth: many artisans were struggling to find apprentices to carry forward their craft, and the age-old traditions were at risk of fading away.
It was during an unexpected and transformative year-long stay in Delhi, brought about by Covid travel restrictions, that Tannya’s vision took shape. Witnessing the plight of artisans stranded in the city, unable to return to their homes or sell their wares, she and her mother, Sharmila, saw an opportunity to make a difference. They decided to commission designs from these artisans, providing them with employment and a means to support their families during challenging times.
What began as a small gesture of solidarity soon blossomed into something far greater. The designs flourished, and the team of artisans grew, fueled by a shared passion for preserving India’s rich artistic heritage. Thus, Imroz Niwas was born—a testament to the spirit of resilience, creativity, and community that defines India’s artisanal tradition.
The name “Imroz Niwas” speaks to the ethos of the brand: “Imroz,” meaning “Today” in Sanskrit, encapsulates the essence of living in the present moment, while “Niwas,” meaning “Home,” signifies a sanctuary where tradition and modernity converge. Imroz Niwas is not just a brand; it is an invitation to experience the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship through a contemporary lens.
In February of 2024, Imroz Niwas took its vision global with the launch of its international website, offering discerning customers around the world a curated selection of handcrafted treasures imbued with cultural richness and authenticity. At the heart of Imroz Niwas lies an ardent commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every piece and packaging is ethically sourced and environmentally conscious.
At Imroz Niwas, we also specialize in corporate gifting, offering fully customized solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of your company and recipients. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a particular style preference, or a specific budget, we work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your gifts are a perfect reflection of your brand. With our extensive range of handcrafted products, we can create one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out from the crowd while upholding our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Choose Imroz Niwas for your corporate gifting needs and experience the pride of giving meaningful, memorable gifts that make a positive impact.
From the moment an artisan’s hands shape the raw materials to the final packaging, every step of the process is infused with care and mindfulness. Imroz Niwas is more than a destination for exquisite products; it is a movement—a celebration of culture, heritage, and the enduring beauty of handmade craftsmanship.
In choosing Imroz Niwas, customers become part of a journey—a journey that honors the past, embraces the present, and paves the way for a sustainable future. Each purchase is a statement of support for India’s artisans, a testament to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship, and a step towards a more conscious and connected world. Welcome to Imroz Niwas—where tradition meets modernity, and every piece tells a story of timeless elegance and cultural pride.