In Praise, Not Dread, of Media and Its Contributions to the Chamber


By Jawahar Malhotra

HOUSTON: It’s not often that the media gets to be the center of attention, so when it does, then they get a chance to let loose and drop their usual skeptical and cynical view of events and life. Especially if you belong in the minor leagues of news but are still a major player serving up niche community news which can be a time consuming job.

Interestingly enough, most community activists, groups and organizations have become very accustomed to seeking out the media to spread their message and often call them out. This year once again, the Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston reached out to the media they have dealt with over the years and feted them to dinner and awards at Mayuri restaurant on Westheimer on Sunday, December 13.

Many, but not all, of the news organizations came with their spouses or guests, as well as one columnist, by special request, Shakuntla Malhotra, whose Punjabi recipes in Indo American News have become a runaway hit with readers and Bijay Dixit, who is the regular photographer for Chamber events. The awards presentations were a hoot as all the others joined in to boisterously egg them on. A lively media crowd that didn’t mince its words, indeed!