“Incredible India” Marks Milestone 5 Years

Local Dance School Expands Nationally and Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Incredible india1

MISSOURI CITY: For the fifth year, Shingari’s School of Rhythm (SSR) brings their beautiful, intricate and high-energy Indian dance program to the Houston area Saturday, October 5. Incredible India is a one-night extravaganza of ethnic dance at the Stafford Civic Center and tickets are now available at rhythm13.com.

Award-winning choreographer, Clair “Shingari” Kuriakose, leads the audience on an upbeat and cultural tour of India through dance. Genres range from classic storytelling styles to action-packed, cinematic numbers with pulsing beats, fast footwork and complex choreography. Nearly 200 performers in this stage spectacular bring Shingari’s work to life, weaving an exquisite display of unmatched talent, and paying tribute to a wonderful, mystical country.

Shingari is a dance powerhouse and successful young business woman, with her popular dance studio, Shingari’s School of Rhythm, numbering seven locations. She opened the first Bollywood dance studio in 2008 in Missouri City, fulfilling a lifelong dream to open a dance school, teach students and share her passion for dance.  Quickly establishing a strong presence in the Houston performing arts scene within a few years of opening her first studio, she began expansion in 2011. In just two short years, she has grown the program significantly, with students and staff in four Texas cities, and three cities in California. In September, she launched the latest SSR location in San Jose, CA.

SSR follows a unique management model, maximizing technology and enabling the school to maintain its commitment to high-quality instruction and authentic dance styles. Along with in-studio instruction, the school also has a significant following on its online dance training portal, BollywoodTrainer.com, which gives students around the world access to the dance classes.

Among the South Asian community, Shingari has become a household name. The schools, and their founder, have become known for exceptional choreography, community involvement and elaborate performances. Incredible India is a celebration of the studio’s five-year anniversary, and this powerful dance production will feature top SSR dancers from across the country.