Indarvadan Trivedi (Masterji) Awards Young Family and Youth

Masterji, Ila Joshi and Rasesh Dalal with the family of Mr. Mrugesh.

By Girish Naik

HOUSTON: The festival of Navaratri brings lots of youth to celebrate and dance to the music and beat of the drums as the singers sing the glory of our goddesses for nine nights followed by the celebration of Sharad Purnima. VPSS Haveli organized the Sharad Purnima Garba on Oct 28, 2023, at the VPSS Haveli temple on October 28, 2023 from 6:30 PM onwards. The musical group of famous singer and Dario Maestro Bhanubhai Vora and Kinnari Group graced the occasion with their wonderful songs. As the time stuck 6:30, people started coming, and in a little time, the hall was filled with lots of enthusiasm from younger to older devotees.

Masterji and Ila Joshi with Special Prize Winner Meghna Raja

Indarvadan Tridevi is known as Masterji for teaching the art of classical dancing and drama to his students for more than 30 years. He has also directed a bunch of dramas and acted in a few movies. His goal is to promote the art of Indian dances and cultural values by encouraging the youth by awarding them with the SMD Masterji Sharad Purnima awards for Best Indian Dressing, Best Dance Moves, and for families that encourage and bring their small kids to our festivals. Masterji quoted that “This is the first year of giving the Sanathan Manav Darshan (SMD) awards and I want to continue giving these awards in many our her cities in the United States in the coming years. We have a very rich heritage and culture, and it is our duty to pass this on to our next generation”.

Masterji and Ila Joshi with first prize winner Ms. Nikita

This year, three awards were given out after judging them from dressing style to dancing movements. The three awardees were, First Prize for Best Dressing and Dancing – Ms. Nikita. Second Price was given to Ms. Kusum for Best Costume. Third prize was given to Mr. Murgesh and Family for involving the entire family with wearing traditional kathiyawadi dressing. At the last moment a special award was also given to Megana Raja for her ethnic wear, energy and wonderful garba dance movements.

Masterji with second prize winner Ms. Kusum